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Serving San Antonio and the surrounding area since 1993


I've been calling Riteway to service all our a/c units for over 15 years.

- Jolene D.

Riteway Service Company - Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services in San Antonio, TX

Riteway Service Company has been in the business of helping homeowners with superb San Antonio TX air conditioning services for more than 20 years. We install, repair, and maintain most makes and models for central air conditioning, ductless air systems, and heat pump services. Whatever you are looking for when it comes to air conditioning your house—from initial troubleshooting to full system replacement—you can depend on our trained team of HVAC experts to come through for you.

We know summers in San Antonio, TX can reach levels where it’s hard to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time. But if you’re inside in a home that lacks an effective air conditioning system, you won’t be able to stay there for long either. A good air conditioner is simply a part of life here—but great air conditioning service can make that life much better. Schedule a service online today!

The professionals at Riteway Service Company offer comprehensive air conditioning services in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

San Antonio Air Conditioning REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE

If you need emergency repairs or just a tune–up, we are always ready for your call. No matter how sturdy an AC you have in your house, or how well it was installed, it can still encounter operating troubles in the future. If you notice a drop in cooling power, hear odd sounds from the air conditioner’s cabinets, see a spike in energy bills, or detect anything indicating that your cooling system may be in trouble, simply call us to arrange for fast repairs – our epxert San Antonio air conditoining repair technicians are always ready to provide you with a top notch ac repair solution!


You’re in the market for a new air conditioner. Maybe it’s for a new house, or maybe your older AC has finally reached the end of it’s life. No matter the reason, to ensure you recieve a great new central cooling system, make sure to call on professionals from the start. You need experts for this job not only because it takes years of training to manage the extensive task of installing and hooking up a new system, but also because only experienced HVAC technicians know how to select the ideal central air units that will be able to cool your house without wasting energy. This process is called sizing an air conditioner, and you don’t want to get this step wrong! Our technicians are here to help you from the first step of the process all the way through to when the new AC turns on. As always, we are always here to answer any questions you may have about AC installations in San Antonio & the surrounding areas.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Eventually, there will come a time where you need to replace your exisiting air conditioning system. Our team of expert HVAC technicians are highly trained and educated when it comes to sizing a system and helping you choose the best cooling options for your home. It’s also very important to know what type of ducting you currently have in your home as well – and if you don’t have ducts, you might want to look into the costs of having them installed. Either way, when you are ready to replace your old air conditioning unit, Riteway Service Company will be here to help!

We’ll service the Following AC System Types

It seems like it’s always either hot in San Antonio, or it is about to get hot. Keeping your air conditioner in peak operating conditioning is vitally important, and you can always depend on Riteway Service Company to provide the help you need—when you need it. We’ll arrive at your home in a well–stocked van, ready to get to work to see that your entire household enjoys comfortable temperatures no matter the weather outside.

  • Central Air Conditioners: A window unit air conditioning system may suffice for a tiny apartment. But your house needs a practical, effective, and energy–efficient central AC to provide the comfort your family needs through a blistering Texas summer. We offer numerous types of central air conditioning services in San Antonio, TX, and our technicians are happy to speak to you about our variety of offerings.
  • Ductless Air Conditioning Systems: You no longer need to have a ductwork system in order to enjoy excellent cooling throughout your home. Ductless air systems work through miniature air handlers mounted in different rooms, each which can be separately controlled. There are many advantages to going with a ductless system, so contact us today to find out more.
  • Heat Pumps: For the weather in San Antonio, a heat pump offers a number of superb benefits. It can provide the effective air conditioning you need to make it through the hot days, but it also can switch to working as a heater and deliver sufficient warmth to handle the mild winters. We install, replace, repair, and maintain heat pump services in San Antonio, TX.
  • Thermostats: An air conditioning system is only a good as the thermostat that is used to control it. If you have a malfunctioning thermostat, or one that is so outdated it doesn’t allow you to fully enjoy your central cooling, you can rely on us to take care of the thermostat services in San Antonio, TX that will solve the problem.
  • Zone Control Systems: Do you not like that you have to cool down every room in your house whenever the air conditioning turns on? It doesn’t have to be this way! Thanks to the installation of zone control, you can divide your home into different "zones" that have separate comfort controls. You’ll save money and enjoy better distribution of temperatures.

Schedule Air Conditioning Services in San Antonio, TX

From AC repair and maintenance to installation and replacement services, Riteway Service Company has everything you need. To schedule air conditioning services in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area, contact our team today. Contact us today to learn more about our San Antonio air conditioning services or to request an estimate.