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Riteway Service Company - Zone Control System

Zone Control Systems in San Antonio, TX

The most effective method to provide comfortable temperatures throughout a home is with a central heater and air conditioner. The standard central HVAC system operates through ductwork that leads from the heater and/or AC to vents in various rooms. Whenever the comfort system comes all, conditioned air flows to all rooms. But there’s a drawback to this system, which is the “all rooms” part. What about empty rooms that don’t need to have comfort control? Is there a way that you can limit which rooms receive heating and cooling and which ones don’t?

There is, and it’s a zone control system. Riteway Service Company can arrange to install zoning into your current HVAC system, or we can make it part of a new installation for a home. Either way, you will end up with the ability to control exactly how comfort is distributed throughout the house, which will benefit you in both comfort and energy savings. Call us in San Antonio today to arrange for zone control system services.

The HVAC professionals at Riteway Service Company offer services to install, repair, and maintain zone control systems in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas.

How Zone Control Air Conditioning and Heating Works

To create zone control for a central HVAC system, technicians open the ducts and install a series of dampers inside them. These dampers close off sections of the ducts leading to room vents. The technicians can create as few as two zones (such as one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs) to as many as there are room vents.

Each damper connects to a local thermostat that can manipulate it, and this allows anyone in the room to have direct access to comfort controls. These individual thermostats network through a single control panel that can alter temperature conditions throughout the house.

The Ways a Zone Control System Will Benefit You

A zone control system provides some significant benefits for a household. Here are just a few:

  • Less energy wasted on unused rooms: The principle reason that most people choose to have zone control installed is so they no longer need to waste energy sending conditioned air to rooms that don’t require it. This is useful for large houses and homes that have guest rooms that are only occupied during short stretches of the year. The energy savings are often significant.
  • Personalized control for household members: No more arguing over whether the house is too warm or too chilly. Now each person can control the temperature in their room with the local thermostat, without changing the temperature in the rest of the house.
  • More even comfort distribution: You can program a zone control system to heat/cool different parts of the house in succession, which will distribute temperatures more evenly than simply heating or cooling the whole house at once. This is another way to save energy as well.

We Provide Complete Service for Zone Heating and Cooling in San Antonio

If you’re interested in a zone control system for your home, call on the team at Riteway Service Company. It’s best to schedule zone control installation as part of putting in a new HVAC system, but our technicians can also retrofit your current system. You can also depend on us for repairs, maintenance, and replacing various components when necessary.