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3 AC Repairs to Address Today

Sometimes there are differences between repairs needs. For instance, a broken part of a vent might look really bad, but your air conditioner might still be fine running at peak efficiency with that piece being broken. This is what we would call a minor repair that can wait until you’re ready to have it fixed.

Some repairs, however, get more expensive the longer you let them wait. Things can compound into more complicated things, and eventually before you know it you’re saddled with an expensive repair or replacement. Today, we’re going to try and stop this from happening by talking about three major AC repairs that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Once you understand that we’re trying to limit the cost of air conditioning repair in Boerne, TX, then perhaps you’ll understand just how important it is that you get your system fixed.

Three Urgent Repairs

If you resonate with any of the repair needs down below, the decision stops being “if” you need repairs, but “when” you need them. We’re here to tell you that you need them as soon as possible. Let’s discuss why.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is not meant to be consumed by your air conditioner. Contrary to popular belief, the refrigerant your air conditioner is set up with when it’s installed is the amount of refrigerant it should need for the rest of its life. When something is wrong with the amount of refrigerant in your air conditioner, something is wrong with the air conditioner itself. That’s why we always talk about refrigerant leaks—they signal problems that need to be addressed.

Some ways to notice a refrigerant leak are low cooling output, poor efficiency, and a bubbling or hissing noise coming from the system. If any of these sound familiar, then your air conditioner could be leaking refrigerant. Eventually, this problem can lead to a full system breakdown or skyrocketing energy bills that you’d rather not pay.

Ice on Your AC

Ice can form on your air conditioner for a number of reasons, but none of them are good. Whether it’s from a refrigerant leak, a clogged air filter, or incorrect pressure settings from a faulty compressor, it needs to be fixed. The longer ice remains on your air conditioner, the more problems you’re bound to run into. After all, ice is made from moisture and that moisture has to go somewhere when the system cycles off. You’re going to waterlog your air conditioner if you neglect it.

No Cooling Power

This is an easy urgent fix. If your air conditioner isn’t providing cooling power to your home, then we’ve got one question for you—what’s the point?

Our air conditioners consume electricity we pay for so that they can keep us cool and comfortable. If your AC can’t do that, then why exactly are you paying for it? Getting it repaired quickly can mean going right back to your normal routine and ending the energy waste that’s occurring in your home.

Do you know who is an expert at quick AC repair? The team at Riteway Service Company is. Call us today!

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