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4 Reasons for You to Consider Going Ductless

consider-going-ductless-4-reasonsNow is the time of year that we usually see an increase in calls for air conditioning installations and replacements, as older systems wear out and new systems need to be put in before temperatures are at their highest. Most homes in our area use traditional central air conditioners, which work by generating cool air in a single location and blowing it through a house through a system of ductwork. However, not every home can support such a system.

Fortunately, there are options available that still allow you to gain effective and efficient whole-house cooling without this system. In fact, a New Braunfels, TX ductless system installation can actually solve a number of problems that centralized systems cannot. For example, unlike a centralized system, a ductless system is comprised of multiple smaller units, installed at different areas throughout the home, and each charged with cooling a single section.

Keep reading to learn about 4 great reasons for you to invest in ductless cooling this summer.

1. No Ductwork

As we mentioned above, and as the name implies, there is no need for air ducts with this type of HVAC system. And without the need for air ducts, ductless cooling systems can provide comprehensive cooling power to homes that may not otherwise be able to enjoy central air, and instead perhaps rely on inefficient window or portable units. Ductless systems work particularly well in larger homes, homes with many occupants, and most commercial spaces.

2. Improved Air Quality

Did we mention there’s no ductwork needed with a ductless system? Not only does the lack of ductwork mean more space for your cooling system, it also means that there is a less of a chance for air loss through leaky or damaged ducts. But in addition to that, it also means that dirt, dust, and other debris that could find their way into your living space through breached ductwork will not have the opportunity to do so.

3. Zoned Cooling (and Heating!)

This may sound like a minor issue to some, but does your family squabble over the settings on the thermostat? Naturally, someone who is cooking in the kitchen is going to want cooler air in the room than someone who is hanging out in the living room. Ductless systems allow for zoned cooling through the multiple air handlers installed in each area and room. Also, ductless systems operate on heat pump technology, meaning that they can be used for heating as well.

4. Lower Monthly Bills

The zoned cooling and heating we mentioned above means that you won’t be putting as large of a demand on your HVAC systems as you would with other options. As a result, your monthly cooling bills will be far lower and the system itself won’t suffer as much wear and tear, helping it to last longer—so long as it is well maintained, too! And as mild as our winters may be, you can count on this same efficiency when the cooler weather comes back around.

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