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6 Steps to Preventing Air Conditioner Repairs This Season

When you live in the climate that we do, the last thing you want to be stuck with in the middle of summer is an air conditioning system that simply doesn’t work in the way that it should. For that reason, we offer quick and accurate repairs as well as preventive maintenance to hopefully avoid HVAC emergencies to begin with. However, no system is immune and it’s better to be prepared than not. So with that, we’ve offered 6 steps that may help you avoid air conditioning repairs this summer.

1. Get Your Ducts Sealed

Sealing your ducts helps your air conditioner out by reducing its workload. An overworked air conditioner is going to wear down much faster, and duct sealing prevents the system from losing conditioned air that should be making its way into your home.

2. Insulate

This is an often overlooked factor of air conditioning. You may think of insulation just being for the winter time, however attic insulation can actually help reduce the flow of heat into your home, which keeps you cooler. This means you might not need to rely on the AC so much.

3. Professional Services

Don’t trust your air conditioning services to just any handyman or DIY-enthusiast off the street. To ensure professional services, you want to only hire licensed and trained individuals who specialize in HVAC services.

4. Change Your Air Filter

While it depends on the type of air filter you have, this should be done about every 1-3 months. The more contaminants you have in your home—such as excessive pet dander or cigarette smoke—the more frequently this should be done.

5. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Routine maintenance is vital to ensuring that your system stays functioning well for as long as possible. During your maintenance appointment, your HVAC technicians will clean and adjust many of the most important components of your system, reducing the likelihood of mechanical problems.

6. Replace Your Aging System

Just like any other appliance, air conditioners only last so long. Typically, 10 years is the cut-off for a standard air conditioning system. After that point, maintenance becomes less useful and frequent repairs are typically needed.

Should you find that repairs are necessary for your Alamo Heights, TX air conditioning system, give the experts at Riteway Service Company a call right away.

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