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AC Maintenance: That’s Right, It’s Time!

ac-maintenance-timeOur weather patterns certainly don’t follow the same path as other parts of the country—particularly the Midwest and Upper East Coast. Therefore, we probably didn’t get a lot of use out of our heating systems this season—but a lot of use of our Alamo Heights, TX air conditioning systems!

Since we do use our AC units on a pretty regular basis, and temperatures are finally mellowing out for a bit, now is the perfect time to schedule your next AC maintenance appointment, particularly if you haven’t had one in the last year (or 6 months, if you have a heat pump).

The Advantages of Early AC Maintenance

There are a number of benefits to having maintenance done on your air conditioning system. But is now really the best time? Perhaps you think it’s unnecessary to have this service done so early. After all, it is still technically winter. There are a number of advantages to early maintenance, however.

  • Tackle Repairs Now: During your maintenance appointment, our technicians thoroughly inspect your air conditioner for any signs of disrepair. This may be something as simple as a loose component, but could be more serious. Fortunately, for most repairs, if they are caught early enough you have plenty of time to address them and get them fixed before you start using your air conditioner heavily. This reduces the chance that you’ll run into a larger repair issue later on, or that the AC will suffer from a premature breakdown.
  • Ensure Your Comfort: Waiting to have your air conditioning maintenance performed until the weather has already warmed up means that you run the risk of finding repair issues that you don’t have time to fix immediately. It may be damaged ductwork, or even a malfunctioning motor fan. Issues such as this can decrease your system’s cooling power or lead to uneven cooling throughout your home, reducing your comfort until you have the issue repaired.

Help Your AC and Your Wallet

Whether you do choose to schedule your air conditioning maintenance now or wait a few more weeks, there are still significant benefits to investing in this service—so long as you do so annually (or, again, biannually if you have a heat pump).

  • Improve AC Efficiency: During your AC tune-up, our technicians will thoroughly clean all the AC components: cooling coils, blades, and any other moving parts. This process helps your AC cool your air more efficiently, which prevents the system from working too hard and using unnecessary energy. In the long run, this helps save you money, too, on your monthly utility bills.
  • Extend Your Air Conditioner’s Lifespan: One of the main reasons for premature air conditioner breakdown is lack of maintenance. Routine care helps your system run as well as it should over its entire lifespan. When it functions well, it lasts longer, and as a result you won’t have to pay for a whole new system any earlier than necessary.

Contact Riteway Service Company today to schedule your next air conditioning maintenance appointment.

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