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How Can You Best Avoid an AC Breakdown?

white question mark on a blue backgroundAs the weather already begins to trend toward summer temperatures and we get ready to switch our thermostats into AC mode full time, you may not notice anything amiss with your San Antonio air conditioning system right away, if there is something wrong. But if you skipped maintenance, or if you’ve neglected an AC repair you know is necessary, can you rely on your system to get you through the coming months?

Midsummer cooling system repairs are a hassle, with breakdowns of course being an even bigger one. You’ll likely have to stop what you’re doing or potentially even cancel plans to call in a professional technician at one of the busiest times of year for HVAC contractors. If you can prevent that, wouldn’t you? Fortunately, there is a way!

Go Ahead and Schedule That AC Maintenance!

For most parts of the country, preventive AC maintenance can typically be scheduled later in the spring, but since we get so hot, so fast in our parts, it’s a good idea to have this service done now, if you haven’t already. Preventing cooling system repairs and breakdowns is actually quite easy when you let the right professionals handle your AC early in the season.

This way, you can discover any small problems that might be present before they grow bigger so you can take care of them right away, and you can help your system to last longer overall. There are a few key steps to AC maintenance. These are:

  • A Comprehensive System Inspection: Our technicians will look over the inside and outside components of your AC system, running tests to find if any components are wearing down and need repair or replacement. We’ll let you know the condition of your cooling system so you can schedule follow-up service at your earliest convenience.
  • A Thorough Cleaning: There are a number of components within your AC system that will need to be cleaned. Debris in the blower motor, for instance, can cause it to jam. More importantly, the AC outside unit contains a coil that collects a lot of debris and dirt over time, and cleaning this can help prevent operational issues.
  • Adjustment: Making adjustments to parts that need it can improve the functionality of your air conditioning system, and help prevent minor problems from turning into something far worse.

As we stated above, the best time to schedule AC maintenance is in the beginning of spring. The biggest reason we say this is because technicians have greater availability during this time, and less of a chance of being out on emergency repair calls when you need to schedule a tune-up. It’s also a lot easier to go without air conditioning during a relatively mild day versus the middle of summer.

Preventing AC Repairs and Breakdowns

No air conditioner lasts forever. But, AC maintenance certainly helps prevent AC repair, and gives you a peace of mind that your cooling system is much more likely to run smoothly for longer, particularly if you schedule regular appointments each year.

Contact Riteway Service Company today for reliable AC services and to learn about enrollment in our cost-saving maintenance program!

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