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Change That Air Filter!

Doesn’t everyone love a problem that you can fix yourself? Air conditioners might be complicated pieces of machinery, but not every problem that occurs with your AC is due to an intricate engineering failure. Your AC could be functioning poorly because it has just been a while since you’ve changed the air filter.

If you change your air filter occasionally and there’s still a problem with the efficiency of your AC unit, then you might have better luck calling one of our technicians for air conditioning repair in San Antonio with a closer look. Though, if you’ve never changed your air filter before and you’d like to learn, keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly what to do!

The Function of the Filter

Filters might not do what you think! There’s a common misconception that air filters increase the quality of your indoor air that cycles through the AC. That’s far from the truth! An air conditioner has delicate coils that evaporate and condense moisture in the atmosphere as they transfer heat from the inside of your home to the outside. These coils can become damaged when dust and debris enter into the system. So, your air filter is the first line of defense against junk from hurting the more expensive parts in your unit.

If you’re looking for increased air quality, you’re going to want to install an air purifier.

How to Replace a Filter

Air filters usually come in packs with clear directions listed on how to install them. There are also handy arrows that can tell you which end to insert. In the most common air conditioners, the filter can either be in the blower compartment or the return air duct—the areas right before the return air reaches the air handler. This is because the air should filter before it enters into the HVAC system and bypasses through the more complicated machinery.

Some filters only require cleaning and do not need to be replaced. Make sure you know the difference before you throw something out!

When to Change Filters

You should typically replace your filter every 1-3 months. If your air conditioner is under heavy use (i.e. a heatwave or any other exceptionally hot circumstances) then it’s smart to replace or clean it more often than that. If you’ve got any pets or a particularly dusty house, this could increase the frequency of an air filter change.

Pay attention to the efficiency of your air conditioner. Is it running in short cycles? Is it not cooling your house to the desired temperature? Changing the filter could be exactly what your system needs!

Did It Help?

Once you’ve changed the filter in your air conditioner, your problems might not be over. Make sure you stay vigilant over the efficiency and energy consumption of your HVAC system. If you keep cleaning or replacing the air conditioning filters, and your unit still has trouble functioning effectively, then perhaps it’s time to call us.

We’re always here to help. Contact Riteway Service Company for all your air conditioning needs.

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