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When You Might Need Compressor Repair or Replacement

compressor-repair-replacement-might-needThe compressor of your air conditioner is essentially the heart of your cooling system—applying energy to the refrigerant and propelling it through the coils to carry out the necessary heat exchange. Without an operational compressor, your air conditioner won’t produce any cooling effect whatsoever. That being said, if you find your air conditioner blowing warm air, it could be the compressor, or it may be that the thermostat wasn’t set correctly, or simply that you have a clogged air filter needing to be changed.

But when AC systems start to show serious signs of problems, the compressor is usually one of the main suspects, and the first thing our repair technicians take a look at. Many common AC issues arise from problems with either this component or its motor, necessitating professional AC repairs in Bulverde, TX. And since fixing a cooling system’s compressor is not something you can simply watch an online video for and figure out how to fix, you’ll need the assistance of trained and experienced HVAC professionals—which is what we’re here for.

What Problems Might I Have with My Compressor?

  • Poor Pressurization: Your compressor functions through a pump action: suction and discharge. This enables it to draw liquid refrigerant inside, and then compress it into a high-temperature gas. However, the pressure involved with this pump action can be too low or too high, resulting in a drop in cooling power.
  • Failed Compressor Motor: The motor that enables the mechanical action of the compressor might malfunction. If it does this, then your compressor can’t do its job. In most cases, a failed compressor motor is usually the result of a failed start capacitor. The start capacitor is a cylindrical component that sends electrical voltage to the motor to begin operation.
  • Overheating: This may be due to wiring issues, or it could be a fault in the compressor motor. Whatever the root cause of the issue is, overheating can and will cause and air conditioner’s compressor to stop functioning.
  • Locked Compressor: This can happen when your compressor becomes too worn down, either from years of operation and natural wear and tear, or from a lack of routine maintenance. This is at least one case where you might need a compressor replacement rather than a repair. But if your AC system is about 10–15 years old, then it’s likely going to economically benefit you more to replace the whole system.

Whatever issue you may run into with your compressor, our experts can quickly and accurately assess what’s going on, and make professional recommendations for repairs. Before you reach out to us, however, check first that the circuit breaker for your cooling system hasn’t tripped, and that your thermostat settings are correct.

Sometimes, an air conditioner issue isn’t a problem with the actual system at all. This is, of course, an ideal situation—although, if you’ve checked for this and are still experiencing problems, it’s definitely time to give us a call.

When you’re in need of an expert to assist with your HVAC needs, look no further than Riteway Service Company—contact us today!

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