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Before You Turn on Your AC This Season, Consider This

hvac return vent on wallIt goes without saying that we’re known for our hot weather and long summers that start long before the official season. That being said, our air conditioners get a lot of use. As such, now is the perfect time to make sure it’s ready for months of heavy work.

Nobody wants their San Antonio, TX air conditioning system to break down on them when they need it the most, and the best way to make sure this is not the case is by following the tips we’ve outlined below.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Too many homeowners make the mistake of waiting to call for professional AC services when they have a problem, which almost always leaves them paying more for repairs and shortening their system’s lifespan, which wouldn’t have happened with preventive maintenance.

Many AC system problems don’t actually give off any warning signs until they’ve had a while to actually damage the system. Therefore, it’s much better to schedule preventive maintenance and catch the problems early, rather than allowing them the chance to develop into much bigger and costlier problems.

Right now is the perfect time to schedule this service, since you aren’t quite relying on your air conditioner on a daily basis just yet. Scheduling maintenance once a year (or twice a year if you have a heat pump) is the best way to avoid issues later on.

Call for Repairs As Needed

During your maintenance appointment, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your cooling system. During this inspection, we’ll look for any signs that it needs repair. If it does, in fact, need repairs, we’ll alert you to this right away so you can get them on your schedule before you need your air conditioner on a daily basis. Don’t delay, otherwise you may do more harm than good to the system.

Don’t Forget Your Ductwork

Damaged or breached ductwork can account for a lot of wasted energy, and subsequently wasted money. If you notice uneven cooling throughout your home when using your AC system, then you could very well have damaged ductwork that needs to be checked out.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

Today’s thermostats are much more advanced than they were even a couple decades ago. With the advent of the internet, thermostats have jumped from manual slider models to digital, and now to programmable and Wi-Fi thermostats. The latter provides you the most control over your cooling system. In fact, it will “learn” your cooling preferences and adjust accordingly.

Make Sure the System Is Unobstructed

Look around your outdoor unit. Branches, twigs, leaves, and even lawn mulch can infiltrate your outdoor unit and affect the level of airflow your air conditioner can produce. Be sure to check your indoor vents, as well. Is there any furniture blocking one? Are they all open? You can’t rely on even cooling in your home if part of the system is obstructed.

For more great preparation tips and quality HVAC services throughout the greater San Antonio area, contact Riteway Service Company today!

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