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Efficiency Tips for Your Cooling System

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of cooling a home. What’s the point of running your air conditioner if it costs twice as much as it normally would? At that point, you’re just throwing money away and many homeowners would give up. We’d like to tell you that you should never give up when it comes to efficiency, there is always a way to lower your energy consumption and increase the cooling output!

Sure, some of those ways might be signing up for AC repair in San Antonio, TX before your system bites the dust. Though, there are some nifty tips and tricks that could keep your bills low and your home comfortable. If you’re the least bit curious, then we urge you to keep reading and find out for yourself what an energy-efficient home looks like.

Use Physics and Thermodynamics

We don’t mean to bring you back to sophomore science class, but in order to deal with efficiency and smart ways to cool your home, we’re going to have to talk about science. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple and limited to just the things you can do with your home that will make an undeniable difference.

  • Use your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are great in the winter because they push heat down towards the bottom of the room where you live, but what if we told you that fan could do the opposite as well? Running a ceiling fan in reverse creates a convection of air, which means the hotter air gets pulled up by the fan and the cooler air gets pressed down.
  • Seal your doors and windows. Less air escapes from tighter sealed homes. This is true both for heaters and air conditioners. If you’ve got a window that’s barely sealed, your air conditioner is probably working twice as hard to cool that room.
  • Turn your lights off. If you remember your early days in science class, you’ll know that light produces heat. Even the biggest light of all, the sun, produces the most heat we feel! That means if you’ve got a lot of lights on in your home, they’re likely producing heat that your AC has to fight against.
  • Draw your curtains. We just mentioned lights, but it is important to deal with the big light in the sky—the sun! When the sun comes in through your windows, it might be pretty, but it’s actively heating your home and causing stress on your air conditioner. By using curtains and blinds to block out the windows that face the sun, you’re making the job easier on your AC and subsequently lowering the temperature in your home.

Even if you only lower your home temperature by a few degrees with these tips, that small change can go a long time when we start running our AC systems all year round. It’s proven that a more efficiently running AC with less of a burden will last longer and encounter fewer repairs than a stressed-out unit.

Do you think your AC is still having trouble? Call the team at Riteway Service Company to have it checked out.

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