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Help! My AC Has Failed, How Do I Keep Cool?

Texas is no place to be in the summer if your home has a broken down air conditioning system. Hopefully, you’ve had maintenance conducted in the last year and have taken care of any urgent repair needs. However even a well-maintained system has the potential to break down, and when it does you need to know how to stay comfortable.

Our team is here for you to assist with air conditioning emergencies. However while you wait for repairs to be made, it’s wise to know how to keep you and your home cool in the meantime. Keep reading for some of our tips.

Keeping Your Body Cool

Keeping cool inside your home isn’t just about the temperature of the air around you. Be sure to hydrate will cold liquids, and try wiping yourself down with water-soaked towels. You may even want to try taking a cool or lukewarm shower to rid yourself of sweat and make it easier for your body to release heat.

Use Evaporative Cooling

There are a couple ways you can do this. You can try placing wet sheets over open windows, so that the air entering your home will have to pass through the moisture on the sheets first, thus providing a cooling effect. You can also try placing ice cubes in a bowl, and then setting the bowl in front of a fan.

Turn Off Heat-Generating Devices

This can be anything from incandescent lighting, to your oven or stove, to equipment such as your entertainment center. Many people don’t realize just how much heat can be generated by even something as simple as a television or computer. Additionally, be sure to keep your blinds down or shutters closed to restrict radiant heat from the sun.

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