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How to Change Your HVAC System’s Air Filter

When it comes to effectively and efficiently cooling your home, there are many occasions in which you should trust a professional to inspect and service your air conditioner. However, there is at least one task that you can—and should—tackle on your own. That is, replacing your air filter.

When Should I Do This?

You might assume that a standard air filter change can take place whenever their HVAC technician comes out to maintain the system. Given that maintenance appointments are every 6 months to a year, this is too long to wait. Your air filter needs to be replaced at least every three months. If you have an exceptional amount of contaminants going through your home, such as pet dander and cigarette smoke, you may want to replace it more often. But how do you do so?

Determine What You Need

You may need to refer to your owner’s manual to determine the right number or size air filter you’ll need. Usually though, it can be found printed on the side of your existing air filter. Air filters can be purchased at a standard hardware sore.

Turn Off the Unit

It’s important to turn off your HVAC unit before changing the filter, for safety purposes. To do so, you’ll need to find the switches that control the power to your equipment, typically in your breaker or fuse box. If you have both heating and cooling, there may be a switch for each.

Remove the Old Filter

Remember when you are removing the old filter that it has 1–3 months of trapped material in it, including allergens and irritants. Remove and dispose of the old filter with care. You’ll find that the new filter has arrows or colors on the front and back to indicate which side should be facing out.

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