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How to Choose the Best AC System for Your Home

In a previous blog post, we explored some signs that it may be time to replace your air conditioner. Let’s say you’ve decided that it is, in fact, time for you to do so. Don’t hesitate, warm weather is already here and it’s only going to get hotter! Before rushing out to replace your current AC system however, it’s important to know just how to choose the best air conditioner for your home. We’ve explored a few different types and have cited their benefits below.

Central AC

If you already have ductwork installed in your home, then central AC may be the best option for you. A central air conditioning system allows for whole-home cooling, rather than relying on window units or ceiling fans alone. These provide some cooling effect, but they are inefficient. Additionally, today there are many options for thermostats to help you maintain control over your cooling to save money.

Heat Pump

When you hear the term “heat pump” you likely don’t think about cooling your home. However, a heat pump is one of the most useful types of cooling systems there are for our climate. Much like a traditional air conditioner, a heat pump circulates a refrigerant blend between two sets of coils, one inside the house and one outside. This refrigerant absorbs heat from one set of coils and releases it through the other. This can be reversed so that you have an appliance that can provide you with year-round comfort.

Ductless Cooling

You don’t have ductwork? No problem! Ductless systems are similar to traditional AC systems in that they consist of an outdoor unit that pumps refrigerant in, however ductless systems require no ductwork. Also, ductless systems are heat pumps, meaning they can reverse the direction they move refrigerant, so you can use a ductless system to heat your home in the winter as well. Ductless systems are ideal for small homes without a lot of room, and best in mild climates.

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