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Improve Your AC with Zone Control

Imagine if each wheel of your car turned at a different speed. Trying to drive on the highway would be a nightmare because one wheel would be spinning fast while another would be dragging along. You’d waste thousands of dollars on gas and repairs every year, and you’d be late to every appointment because your car would be working suboptimally. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many homeowners deal with on a daily basis when it comes to their air conditioners.

If you’re looking for HVAC service in San Antonio because your brand-new air conditioner just isn’t cooling the parts of your home equally, then we have news for you. You might be in the perfect scenario to make use of a zone control system.

If you’ve never heard those words before, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything down below.

What Is Zone Control?

Uh oh, it seems we skipped a step! How could we talk to you about the importance of a zone control system if we didn’t even tell you what it is! Homeowners who don’t know about this type of technology are seriously missing out, so we’ll spell it out for you.

Zone control systems use a series of dampers in your air ducts that direct airflow towards specific areas that aren’t getting the temperature control they need. For instance, if your kitchen is always warmer than your living room, the zone control system would steer some cooled air that’s not needed away from your living room and into your kitchen for a more even approach. This means you’ll end up paying less in cooling costs, stop feeling the harsh hot spots of certain areas, and you’ll be more comfortable overall!

How It Helps

While it might be easy to understand how zone control systems make us more comfortable, sometimes its a bit harder for homeowners to see why they help with efficiency. Let’s break it down.

When your air conditioner runs, it takes queues from the thermostat which senses the temperature inside your home. When the temperature isn’t what’s set on the thermostat, it signals to the air conditioner to keep running until demands are met. So, when you’re inundated with hot spots and entire rooms that aren’t to your cooling standards, your AC will rarely stop running and your thermostat will never notice when your home is cooled properly. A zone control system can help mitigate this problem by evenly distributing the cooled air so that your thermostat takes accurate readings. It’ll know that your home has been properly cooled and your AC will finally get a break, saving you money and energy!

Call Us Today

We can help install a zone control system in your home. We’ve been serving San Antonio for 23 years and we don’t work on commission, so you’re guaranteed to get a comfortable solution that fits your budget. Give our team a call and let’s talk about what a zone control system can do for you, or about some other comfort solutions that exist to help.

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