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Looking for a New AC System for Next Year?

two outside units of an air conditioning systemAs the cooling season slowly but surely comes to a close, you may be turning your thoughts to your heater. Is it well maintained? Are you ready to turn it on and rely on it for our cold—albeit relatively short—winter? Before you get that far, however, it’s important to look back at the previous few months and assess how well or how poorly your air conditioner performed.

Is your AC system aging? Depending on the manufacturer and model, most cooling systems are designed to last 10–15 years on average. And this is a well-maintained air conditioner. One that hasn’t been taken care of properly will last even less time. So if yours has gotten to the point that you’re questioning whether it will still function next year, now is the perfect time to consider a aAC installation in San Antonio, TX. But, what are your options, and how do you choose the best system for your specific needs?

The Central Air Conditioner

If you’re like many homeowners in the region, your current system might be a traditional central AC system. These are a good choice for many reasons. Today’s models offer higher efficiency and whole-home cooling that far surpasses using portable or window units. Central air conditioners are convenient too, as you can use a central thermostat to control the temperature throughout your entire home.

There are reasons, though, that you may choose to go another route. For instance, take your ductwork into account. Is it in good shape? If it’s as old or older than your existing air conditioner, or even if it was improperly installed to begin with, it may be breached, in which case it cannot effectively carry cooled air to the rooms of your home. Just because you already had a central system though, doesn’t mean you need to replace it with another.

The Ductless System

This is where the ductless air conditioner comes in. Similar to the conventional central system, a ductless cooling system uses an outdoor condenser unit. However, since they’re installed in homes or rooms without usable ductwork leading to them, ductless systems utilize individual blower units in various rooms throughout the house.

With a ductless system, you can still cool your entire home with a central thermostat, but you can also set different temperatures in different rooms to allow for comfort among all your home’s occupants. And you don’t have to choose a ductless system just because your ducts are in bad shape. You might just like the idea that you don’t need to worry about the indoor air quality problems that air ducts can present.

The Heat Pump

The heat pump system is a versatile, year-round climate control system. It works like a traditional central air conditioner, with most of the same parts. And it’s highly efficient for cooling a home.

What makes heat pumps unique is that the refrigerant in them can reverse direction. In cooling mode, refrigerant removes heat from the air inside a home and releases that heat outside. In heating mode, this heat is removed from the outside air and released into your home.

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