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Our Complete AC Noise Guide

When you turn on your air conditioner, there are probably a few noises it makes. The outdoor cabinet softly churns, the contactor clicks as it turns on, and air begins to gently woosh into your home through your air vents. These are all normal, and we’d probably never tell any homeowner to contact a team of HVAC professionals for those minor noises.

However, not every air conditioner noise is good or “normal.” Some noises, like banging or grinding, signify an urgent need for air conditioning repair in San Antonio. We’re not just trying to push our repair services, we’re trying to convince homeowners to get these noises addressed before they turn into a full system breakdown. If you’re hearing an unusual or loud noise in your AC that makes you uncomfortable, it’s time to contact the pros and have the system fixed.

A Comprehensive Guide

This is a difficult subject to tackle. If we’re too specific about problematic noises, then homeowners might not think their AC is making that precise noise and ignore it. If we’re too vague, we’ll have everyone within 50 miles calling us about problems with their air conditioner even though they’re probably fine. Like Goldilocks, we’ve got to find a description of these air conditioner noises that is perfect enough to inform you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and describe the problem if you’re still confused after reading this list.

  • Grinding. If your air conditioner is making a grinding noise, it’s probably going to stand out—as it should. Grinding is one of the worse problems you can hear your air conditioner makes since it probably denotes an error in the compressor. The compressor is considered “the heart” of your air conditioner and is usually the most expensive part to replace, so the earlier you get this checked on the better!
  • Rattling. No, your air conditioner isn’t chattering its teeth because it’s scared of the heat. Rattling or chattering usually indicates that there’s a loose part somewhere in the interior of your system. If this keeps up, that rattling part could interfere with another one and compound into a worse problem. Call us to have it addressed today.
  • Buzzing or clicking. Buzzing and clicking noises, while different from each other, usually signify that there’s something wrong with your air conditioner’s electrical circuits. The constant clicking can be a problem with the contactors not working, and the buzzing could be a frayed wire or a broken circuit board.
  • Squealing. There are rubber belts in the fan motor of your air conditioner. When those rubber belts begin to fray or break apart, they’ll cause even more problems or a whole system breakdown. Squealing is a sign that the rubber belts are about to go.
  • Hissing or Bubbling. When refrigerant escapes your system, it makes a hissing or bubbling sound, depending on where you’re hearing the problem. Hissing is the gaseous refrigerant coming out of the system, and bubbling signifies all the air that’s now becoming trapped in the refrigerant lines.

Do any of these noises sound familiar? If they do, call us as soon as possible to schedule AC repair.

The team at Riteway Service Company can fix your AC. Call us today!


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