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Please, Don’t Do This to Your AC!

We talk often about everything you should do for your air conditioner. From changing the air filter to calling for professional maintenance, we must sound like a broken record with our advice. For anyone who thinks that type of blog post is boring, today is your lucky day!

We’re going to dive into some of the most important things you should never do to your air conditioner, no matter what. Homeowners sometimes have an easier time learning about their cooling technology when they’ve got a list of things not to do. With the popularity of DIY solutions found on the web, we understand why some of these bad practices might be more common than others. However, that’s no excuse!

Is your air conditioning in San Antonio having trouble? Make sure you don’t do the following few things and keep our team in the loop.

What Not to Do

It’s easy from our perspective to talk about what you should do with your air conditioner. To be honest, there are very few things a homeowner can responsibly do. Between changing the air filter, keeping vents clear, and checking the thermostat, homeowners don’t have the expertise to open their system up and take a thorough examination when there’s a problem. So, take a look below at some of the important things you should never do to your air conditioner.

Patch Refrigerant Leaks

You’d be surprised by how many homeowners believe they can patch their own air conditioner’s refrigerant leaks. After all, why not just use some duct tape and follow the refrigerant line until you find the hole? Please don’t try to do this.

Refrigerant can be dangerous to inhale. It can also be an irritant to your skin, eyes, nose, and mouth. Only a licensed professional with the right protective gear should be able to work with refrigerant lines. Not only that, but locating a refrigerant leak can be a difficult task without the right equipment. You could end up doing much more damage to your refrigerant line, or perhaps even making the leak worse by trying to fix it yourself.

Oh, and don’t forget that duct tape is not a very good sealing device for refrigerant lines. So even if you try to seal this leak, it probably won’t hold for very long. Call a team of professionals, please.

Examine the Interior of Your System

Many homeowners think they can just follow a tutorial online to gauge the status of their system. Sure, we’d love it if homeowners could provide their own maintenance, but it’s just not possible. You might realistically damage a particularly sensitive part of the AC’s interior.

Also, think about your system’s warranty! Your air conditioner’s warranty could be voided if someone untrained decides to open the system up and provide DIY fixes. Warranties are worth their weight in gold, so you’re usually doing more harm than good by voiding this for a fix that’s likely to not even work.

Call Us

You’re better off avoiding all of these problems by calling the pros for any repairs or maintenance you need. It’s the best way to keep your warranty, stay safe, and be responsible.

Riteway Service Company has your back. Call us for any AC help you might need.

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