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Signs That It’s Time for a New Heat Pump

new-heat-pump-time-signsThe summer season is chugging right along, with no real reprieve from the heat. With that being said, homes with older heat pump systems should take into consideration whether their system is prepared to last through the remainder of summer. If it can, fantastic! If not, however, there’s no time like the present to install a replacement heat pump system in Alamo Heights, TX. True, the middle of summer isn’t the most fun time to schedule AC work, but it’s better to have it on your calendar than to have your cooling system suddenly die right when you need it the most.

But how do you know if your heat pump has reached the point that it even needs replacement? Well, there are three general symptoms you should watch out for. On their own, each of these symptoms may not warrant a replacement. However if two or more of them are occurring in a single heat pump system, it’s definitely time to consider a heat pump upgrade. Keep reading to learn the signs.

The Warranty Is Expired

Warranties cover the parts of a heat pump system for a pre-determined period of time, ensuring that your repair costs stay at a reasonable price as long as the warranty remains in effect. With routine maintenance and proper care, most HVAC system can last for months, or even years, past the warranty date. However, if the warranty has expired and either of the two following signs of trouble crop up, replacement may be in your very near future.

You Need Frequent Repair Services

Over time, your heat pump is going to wear out—it’s only natural. Even the most well-cared for systems will eventually succumb to age. When it gets nearer to this time, you’ll find that your heat pump needs repairs more and more often. If your system is experiencing more than two breakdowns in a 12-month period, or if your next repair is going to cost even half of what it would cost to completely replace the system, then it very likely makes more economical sense to just replace it.

Your Energy Bills Have Spiked

The cost of running your heat pump might rise a bit as the years go by—a sign of advancing age and multiple worn parts that just can’t do their job as well as they once did. But when your energy bills spike, or they rise to a point that they are significantly higher than the year before, it’s a sign that your system’s efficiency has dropped to where it can no longer perform its job very well.

Can I Just Wait Until the Weather Cools Off to Have My Heat Pump Checked?

As we mentioned above, skipping maintenance could leave you with a broken down heat pump system right when you need it the most. Checking to see whether your heat pump needs repair or replacement, and then starting to look into your replacement options, when your cooling system is still actually functioning means you’re less likely to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation this summer.

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