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I've been calling Riteway to service all our a/c units for over 15 years.

- Jolene D.

Summer Is Over but High Temperatures Aren’t!

male technician's hands working on outside ac unitSummer has come to an end but here in Texas, our high temperatures tend to defy seasons. If you’re hesitating to schedule a last-minute air conditioning repair, schedule it now! Our lingering heat will cause you to run your air conditioning for a little while longer. Just because it’s a little late in the season for this type of repair work doesn’t mean you should procrastinate. If you need great air conditioning repair in Universal City, TX, our technicians at Riteway Service Company are here to help.

Signs You Need Repairs

Some signs that your air conditioner needs repairs aren’t as noticeable as others. Here’s a checklist to run through. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms you need ACrepairs.

  • Your system either short cycles (turns on and off often) or remains on for longer than 30 minutes.
  • You’ve noticed water or fluids leaking from your AC unit.
  • You heard unusual noises from the system (the outdoor unit, indoor unit, or both) like rattling, clanking, buzzing, or gurgling. A good rule of thumb is that any noise other than the calm, whooshing sound of air rushing through the vents and the compressor running is a reason to call an HVAC technician.
  • You’re experiencing poor air flow.
  • Your air conditioning bills are higher than normal for no apparent reason.

The Benefits of Fall Repairs

Fix Problems Early

If you have a technician come out now, assess your system, and perform repairs, you’ll save yourself from urgent repairs. If you take anything away from this post, remember that being proactive is a form of compassion for your future self. So help “future you” relax by taking care of this now. Getting the problem addressed early ensures that you won’t have to have expensive repairs done under a tight deadline.

Improve Air Quality

It’s highly likely that our fall season will have a few more high double-digit temperatures before it transitions into typical crisp, fall weather. Having air conditioner repairs done also allows you to have your system professionally tuned-up. A tune-up removes dirt, dust, and debris that’s settled in your vents over the summer, greatly improving your indoor air quality.

Increase the Lifespan of Your System

If you make your system perform for too long without the necessary repairs, it causes unneeded wear and tear. If your unit is showing signs of trouble causing it to work harder to provide standard levels of efficiency, making the unit power through the pain will only exacerbate these issues. This type of neglect shortens the lifespan of the system.

Prep Your Furnace Too

This time of year is a little late for air conditioning repairs, but the upside to this late maintenance is being able to address your furnace too. You can make whatever service you schedule a 2-in-1 and schedule a furnace tune-up with your air conditioning repairs. Although you’re late on air conditioning repairs you’ll be right on time for furnace repairs.

Choose Riteway Service Company

We understand the complexities of your air conditioning system. We also know the specific needs of San Antonio homes. We’ve served the area since 1993 and throughout these two decades, we’ve become a trusted name in the HVAC industry.

If you need air conditioning repairs, contact Riteway Service Company to schedule service today.

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