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The Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Agreement

Your air conditioner gets quite the workout throughout the year, especially with the hot, humid climate we deal with. Due to this, your system’s components experience a good amount of natural wear and tear. If your system isn’t taken care of properly, then there’s a good chance it could break down without warning. However, signing an annual air conditioning maintenance agreement might prevent this from happening. Maintenance is about more than just making sure your system doesn’t break down though. Read on to discover the multiple benefits of enrolling in an AC maintenance program.

Peace of Mind

This may be the most compelling reason to sign up for a maintenance program. You’ll know that your system is protected and that you’re less likely to run into sudden, unexpected problems. Proper maintenance extends the life of your cooling equipment, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it in a few short years. Additionally, when you choose to enroll in a maintenance program, you don’t have to remember to call for service when you need it.

Energy Savings

Routine maintenance has the potential to save you a lot of money. Your AC system occupies a large portion of your monthly bills. In fact, they can make up about half of all home energy costs. Some of this may actually be unnecessary. If your system hasn’t been regularly maintained and is dirty or in need of repair, it might not be working as efficiently as possible. During a maintenance visit, your HVAC technician will inspect your entire system, do routine cleaning, and make necessary adjustments.


Service calls and repairs done under our maintenance agreement are billed at greatly reduced rates, and given priority service. In addition, we currently offer senior and military discounts among other promotions. You may be concerned about whether or not a maintenance program is worth the money. But when you compare what you would be spending in emergency repairs to what you’d be saving with discounts, a maintenance agreement is well worth the cost.

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