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Things to Think about When Installing a Central Cooling System

High efficiency modern AC-heater unit, energy save solutionSpring is here and our cooling season has already begun. Is your central air conditioner in good shape? Will it get you through the next 6 months or so without any trouble? If it’s a newer system and you’ve had it regularly maintained—and kept up on repair needs—then you should have no problem! But if you have an aging system, and it’s been experiencing problems, then the time to look for a new system is now.

But we don’t encourage just jumping right into an AC installation in San Antonio, TX without considering all the factors that go into the cost of a system, as well as how that system will work in your home. For instance, the first thing our technicians will do when getting ready to install a new system in your home is perform a load calculation. This determines how large of a system you’ll need for your living space—too large of a system will be just as inefficient and detrimental to AC performance as too small of a system.

Keep reading for some more factors to consider!

Efficiency Rating

As long as the system you choose is a good fit for your home and budgets, it will benefit you to go with a high-efficiency air conditioner. The lowest SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating on the market today is 14 and goes higher than 21 in many cases, depending on the area in which you live and the manufacturer you choose to go with.

Generally speaking, the higher the efficiency rating is, the better your cooling system will perform—but you still want to double check with a pro to make sure your specific system matches your needs.

Look at Top Brands: There’s a lot to be said for choosing a brand or manufacturer that has good ratings and reputable performance. Be sure to ask us about the brands we offer and we’ll help you find the best one for your budgets and needs.

Ensure the System is Properly Sized: We mentioned this above. We get it—it’s easy to assume, “the bigger, the better.” But, this just isn’t true. Even an air conditioner with the highest efficiency rating possible won’t save you energy if its’ the incorrect size. A cooling system that’s too small won’t effectively cool your living space, and one that is too big will go through a process called short-cycling, where it shuts on and off rapidly, putting extra strain on your system and causing it to wear down a lot faster than it would otherwise.

Consider All Your Options

If you’re replacing a central air conditioner, you may not feel like looking at any other options but a central system—but you can benefit from considering a different cooling system setup! For instance, heat pump systems are year-round—they can be used for both cooling and heating. You can take that a step further by having a ductless system installed. It operates on heat pump technology, but removes the need for bulky air duct installation (or repair, if you have ductwork but it’s in poor condition).

When you’re ready to schedule your next AC installation, give the team at Riteway Service Company a call!

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