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Understand the Function of Your Air Conditioning Coils

No matter how well-maintained your air conditioning system is, given the consistent use it gets throughout the year, it will come as no surprise that you may encounter problems with it every now and then. Professional installation and expert services can help reduce the risk of AC issues, but it very likely cannot be 100% efficient throughout its entire life cycle.

One of the problems that some homeowners deal with is a leaking coil. Read on to discover what a leaking coil means for your air conditioning system, and how to determine if you have this problem.

The Function of Your AC Coils

Your air conditioning system contains two coils that each perform a very specific job. You have the evaporator coil, which is indoors in the air handler unit of your AC, and then the condenser coil—located in the outdoor condenser unit. Neither one is more or less likely to develop a leak. However the state of refrigerant within your evaporator coil does make this particular coil a little more susceptible.

Refrigerant leaks can occur within any portion of your AC system that refrigerant passes through. There are a variety of reasons this might happen. For example, there may have been a manufacturing default, or even poor installation. Accidental damage to the coils is another reason for this to occur.

Whatever the cause is, the coils can be costly to replace, so be sure to ask our technicians about sealing the leak for you and replacing the refrigerant so the problem doesn’t occur again. Only trust professionals to diagnose leaks in your AC system, and be aware of signs of a leak such as ice on your evaporator coil or an AC unit that’s struggling to efficiently cool your home.

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