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What Could Be Causing Your AC Compressor Problems?

Temperatures are finally cooling down, which makes now the perfect time to review how well or poorly your air conditioner system kept your home cool this past cooling season. If you do suspect that you have repair needs, now is the time to take care of them. One of the most common service calls we get is in regards to a faulty compressor—a situation that must be remedied right away to avoid further damage.

When an air conditioner starts experiencing trouble, the compressor is one of the first things our professionals check out. It is, after all, the heart of your entire cooling system. Many common AC problems stem from the compressor or its motor. But what could be wrong with the compressor to begin with?

Poor Pressurization

Your compressor functions through using a suction and discharge pump action to draw liquid refrigerant inside, and then compress it into a high-temperature gas. However, the suction pressure or the discharge pressure can become too high or too low due to improper mechanical motion. If this occurs, then the pressure throughout the unit won’t be at its ideal level, and this will result in a drop in cooling power.

Failed Motor

A motor runs the mechanical action of the compressor. If that motor fails, then the compressor won’t work. In most cases, a compressor motor that stops working has a failed start capacitor, which is a cylindrical component responsible for sending electrical voltage to the motor to start operation. Our repair technicians can replace the capacitor. If the motor itself has burnt out though, it will need replacement.


Your compressor may overheat due to problems with wiring, a fault in the compressor motor, or simply being overworked. Whatever the case may be, overheating will soon cause your compressor to stop working.

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