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What Problems Can a Clogged Condensate Drain Cause?

One of the most common problems we hear about with air conditioner systems late in the summer is a clogged condensate drain. While you might not have started to use your air conditioner too heavily quite yet, knowing about this common problem and what usually causes it may help you prevent it from occurring at all.

However, if you do run into an issue with your air conditioner due to a clogged rain, be sure to call for repairs right away. You don’t want to ignore an air conditioning problem, as you may run into even bigger problems later on down the road.

What Is the Function of the Condensate Drain?

When your air conditioner runs, it absorbs heat along the evaporator coil. This process draws moisture from the air, and that moisture collects along the coil. When the water drips down from the coil, it is caught in a condensate pan. At this point, a drain removes the water from the pan out of your home using a special condensate pump.

What Causes a Clog?

There are two main reasons that a condensate drain might develop a blockage. The first problem is algae growth, which can occur due to excess humidity. The second reason is from dirt that enters into the air conditioner’s cabinet and then into the condensate pan.

Why Is This a Problem?

If your AC’s condensate drain is clogged, then it can quickly cause the pan to overflow. If water splashes onto electrical equipment, it could start a fire. Or dripping water can also result in corrosion and mold development.

Lastly, water leaking from your conditioner can also damage your home. This type of water leak can create hundreds of dollars’ worth of water damage before it’s stopped, also creating a breeding ground for mildew and harmful mold.

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