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Daniel was very professional and polite. He was thorough in his work.

- Longoria, San Antonio

Why You Need Professional AC Installation

We live in Canyon Lake, so our hot conditions that last the majority of the year make it incredibly obvious how important your air conditioning services are. We live the age of DIY projects and extensive articles and video instructions available at our fingertips. While this ingenuity is great, your air conditioning system isn’t eligible for a do-it-yourself attempt.

So why now? We’re easing into the holiday season—air conditioning is probably the last thing on your mind. Well, now is a great time to install a new air conditioning system because it’s the off season. The weather is cooling, so you’ll have an ample amount of time to research and find the right system for your home without the creeping deadline of spring on the horizon. If you need great air conditioning in Canyon Lake, TX then you need a professional team like ours to perform these services for you.

The Benefits of Professional AC Installation

Wondering what the definitive benefits of professional air conditioning installation are? We’ve listed some of the most compelling reasons below:

  • Accurate Sizing: If you have an incorrectly sized air conditioner, you’ll waste energy. This applies if your system is too big or too small. We encounter a lot of homeowners who think a system that’s too big can never a problem, but an oversized system causes short-cycling and a vast amount of other system issues. A professional from our team can run calculations and find the best air conditioning system for you—down to the make and model.
  • Efficiency: When you have a professional install your air conditioning system, you can rest assured knowing your system is as efficient as possible. Installing an air conditioner involves much more than just fitting your system in the right place. You need to understand outside factors that affect the efficiency of your air conditioning (like an excess or lack of sunlight hitting certain rooms), the way heat rises, and the way your air conditioner runs. Only a professional can make sure your air conditioner works in the best way possible.
  • Refrigerant Levels: Do you know how to fill your refrigerant? This liquid in your air conditioner is what makes your indoor air cool. Filling this liquid to the right level (known as the AC’s charge) is of the utmost importance to the health of the system. If it’s at the wrong charge (too high or too low), you’ll waste an immense amount and the system will eventually fail. Have a professional recharge the refrigerant level correctly during installation rather than trying to troubleshoot it on your own.
  • Assurance: If you install your system yourself then you’re not covered! If anything goes wrong with your system, then you’re completely responsible for any damages in the future. When you go with a reliable team like ours, our insured professionals will install the system with expertise and any work you have done is protected by a warranty.

Make sure you give your new air conditioner the installation services it deserves. Our team has all the time, tools, and resources to make sure you’re cool in your Canyon Lake home during the hotter months.

If you’d like to install a new air conditioning system in your home, contact Riteway Service Company today.

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