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Yes, A Clean AC Air Filter Is Important!

When you live in a climate such as ours, it’s only natural that you put a great deal of value in a reliable, fully functional home cooling system. However, there are a number of homeowners who don’t give their air conditioning systems the attention that they really need in order to be truly effective in operation.

Scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance is essential to caring for your air conditioner, but you must also remember that your air filter needs to be changed more often than your yearly maintenance appointment. Don’t neglect this important task that can be done on your own. Keep reading to learn more about how a dirty air filter can negatively affect your cooling system.

Why Does a Clean Air Filter Matter So Much?

If your air filter is continuously clogged up with dirt and debris, then there is no way that your air conditioning system can function at its peak performance of efficiency levels. This is because when your filter is clogged, your cooling system has to work harder than it would normally just to distribute air throughout your home, and through the air filter itself. This extra stress can diminish your energy efficiency, which means you’ll be paying higher energy costs even though you’re getting reduced comfort.

Additionally, the excessive strain on your cooling system can create excessive wear and tear. This leads to the increased risk of operational problems, damages, and even premature system breakdown. For example, your evaporator coil draws heat out of the air running over it via the refrigerant cycle. But if the airflow is inefficient, your evaporator coil can freeze over. This prevents it from doing its job, as it won’t be able to adequately absorb heat since it will be insulated.

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