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Your Air Conditioning Options!

ac-outdoor-unitsHas the time finally come for you to decide on a brand new air conditioning system? Replacing your old AC is more challenging than it used to be. There is an overwhelming number of options in the market today when it comes to ACs.

Each AC system offers unique qualities that set them apart. Choosing the right one can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

We will tell you about the different air conditioning options you can consider for your home. And as always, if you need installation services for air conditioning in San Antonio, you can always get in touch with us.

Your Air Conditioning Options

Here are the different types of ACs you can consider and their qualities to help you make a more well-informed decision.

1.     Central Air Conditioners

The most common type of AC is the central air conditioning system. It has been a popular option for decades, and it continues to be a favorite for many homeowners. It relies on a series of ducts to distribute cool and conditioned air throughout your house. This traditional option is reliable, long-lasting, and powerful.

2.     Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a somewhat newer option that also operates like central air conditioners. They rely on heat transfer using refrigerants to transport heat from inside the house to the outside so it can cool down your home. However, heat pumps come with a reversing valve that makes them different from central ACs.

Heat pumps can use the reversing valve to transfer the heat into your home and keep you warm during the winters. The system can integrate into the existing ductwork for your old AC, provide you with energy-efficient heating and cooling, and it can keep the indoor temperature comfortable throughout the year.

3.     Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini-split systems or ductless systems are also becoming increasingly popular in many homes today. Ductless systems also use heat pump technology, providing you with both heating and cooling as needed.

However, ductless systems are different from traditional air-source heat pumps because they are not connected to a central system that distributes the conditioned air through ductwork. Instead of a centralized unit, ductless systems rely on multiple air handlers that are connected to a single outdoor unit.

Air handlers installed in your home can cool or heat individual areas of your home. These units are energy-efficient, effective, and significantly reduce your utility bills. Another advantage of ductless mini-splits is that you can avoid the headache of installing a system of air ducts if there is not already one in place.

Consult Professionals

If you are confused about which type of air conditioning unit you should go for or have decided on one, you need to call in the professionals to come in and help you sort out the rest. At Riteway Service Company, we can help you decide on the ideal type of AC and install the new air conditioning system in your home for you.

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