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Does Your Ductless System Need Service?

Ductless systems, which operate with heat pump technology, are a great way to both heat and cool your home. Just like any other large home appliance, however, it may eventually develop an issue that requires professional repairs.

Repair needs turn out for the best when they are managed right away, but how do you know if your system is in trouble to begin with? We’ve shared some signs below that your ductless system likely needs repair.


Leaking fluids are never a good sign for any system that utilizes refrigerant. This is the fluid responsible for absorbing heat from one space and releasing it to another. Without refrigerant, the ductless system wouldn’t function as anything more than a fan. If a refrigerant leak does occur, it will quickly drain the system of refrigerant that it needs to operate. If you see your ductless system leaking fluids, call a professional immediately.

Ice Development

If you see ice forming on your ductless HVAC system, it’s likely coming from your evaporator coil. When this coil isn’t kept clean, it may malfunction and freeze the condensate that forms on it during operation. This eventually causes the coil to ice over entirely, so that it can no longer absorb the heat from your indoor air.

If this ice isn’t removed quickly, the weight of it can permanently warp the coil—in which case it would need to be replaced. Be sure to call one of our professionals if you see ice forming or if you notice that your ductless system isn’t blowing as much conditioned air as you believe it should. No matter what your ductless system needs are, you can count on our staff to get to the root of the problem and resolve it.

When you are in need of ductless AC and heating repairs in Alamo Heights, TX, just contact Riteway Service Company.

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