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End-of-Season Heating Repairs to Be Aware Of

technician working on the inside of a furnaceIt may still be unbearably cold in other parts of the country, but around here we’re just about ready to gear up for the cooling season again. As such, you may be tempted to put off any heating repair needs that may have cropped up over the winter.

Of all the New Braunfels, TX HVAC services you should never neglect, late-season heating repairs are at the top of the list. Neglecting your heater when it needs work done on it can be detrimental to the system, and potentially even to your safety.

Signs You Need Heating Repairs

Of course, in order to know that you have to schedule heating repairs, you need to know when they’re necessary. If you notice any of the following signs, then it’s definitely time to reach out to our heating pros.

  • Your heating system is making groaning, banging, or whining sounds.
  • The heat isn’t coming through as powerfully as it should be, even when you turn your thermostat up.
  • Your energy bills have increased from this time last year, despite comparable use.
  • Your gas-powered heater’s pilot light is burning yellow.
  • Your furnace is struggling to stay on or turn on.
  • Your furnace keeps running without shutting.

What Do These Heating Repair Symptoms Mean?

There are a variety of reasons your heating system might be displaying one or more of the above mentioned issues. It could be as simple as a thermostat issue—and not a problem with your heater at all. Even though this isn’t a complex issue it’s certainly not one to ignore. After all, you’re going to need an effective and efficient thermostat to control your air conditioner on a daily basis very shortly.

Other potential heater repair needs are caused by breached ductwork, clogged air filters, or even electrical faults in the heater’s mechanical system. Ignoring these problems can cause them to become worse. It’s best to tackle heater troubles as soon as they crop up. This way you can avoid larger, costlier heating emergencies later on down the road.

Preventing Heating Repair Needs

Not every heating repair need can be avoided, but you can reduce the risk by scheduling maintenance at least once a year (or twice, if you have a heat pump). During your maintenance session, our professional will fully inspect and clean your system, making any necessary adjustments to the system.

This service ensures your system continues to work as effectively and efficiently as it should, for as long as it should. It’s also during your maintenance appointment that our team will alert you to any small problems. Addressing them now is far more beneficial than waiting and risking a bigger emergency, like we mentioned above.

The cleaning portion of your maintenance appointment is vital, too. Over time, dust and debris settles on the coils and other components of your heating system, causing it to work less efficiently. This is why our annual or bi-annual maintenance is so important. It helps you avoid future issues, or at least reduces the severity of them.

For reliable heating repairs, contact Riteway Service Company today.

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