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Furnace Maintenance: Prevent a Cracked Heat Exchanger

Today’s furnaces are built with your safety in mind, and they are a lot less hazardous than gas-powered heaters of the past. Nevertheless, there is still one issue that many homeowners are concerned with when using a gas furnace: carbon monoxide leaks that can occur due to a cracked heat exchanger. Furnace maintenance is the best way to prevent a cracked heat exchanger, but we want you to understand why this is so important.

The Function of a Heat Exchanger

Your heat exchanger is a series of metal coils or a container designed to heat the air form the blower. So basically, it’s the component of your furnace that actually does the heating! It works by collecting the high-temperature combustion gas from the burners, and then the gas heats up the metal walls of the exchanger. Air from the blower flows across the hot metal surface and gains heat before heading into the ventilation system. A vent then removes the exhaust from the heat exchanger to the outside.

Cracks in the Heat Exchanger

Due to the interaction between the vapor within combustion gasses and metal, your heat exchanger can develop corrosion over time. This weakens the metal, and as the exchanger expands from heat, cracks can appear. These cracks can allow harmful gasses to leak out into your home, exposing you to risks from carbon monoxide.

Preventing dangers form a cracked heat exchanger is easy: schedule your heating maintenance appointment! If you haven’t already done so for this winter season, it’s never too late. Maintenance should be conducted once a year for your gas furnace, and remembering this appointment will help your heating system perform as effectively and efficiently as it should for the years to come.

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