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Heat Your Home More Efficiently This Winter

When you think of Texas, chances are you think of heat. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some chilly nights when winter does hit. Therefore, it’s imperative that you’re well-equipped with an effective heater. It’s also important to have routine maintenance on that heater—which you’ve hopefully already scheduled or had completed (it’s never too late if you haven’t!).

Maintenance is not the only way to make sure your heater is used efficiently during the winter. Keep reading for some pro tips on how to heat your home as efficiently as possible, and save money as a subsequent benefit.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is perhaps the smallest—and most taken for granted—component of an HVAC system. It may be small, but it’s mighty. It’s the part that allows you to regulate the operation of the heater.

Even if you have a digital model, you can benefit from an upgrade. For example, you can purchase a programmable thermostat, which allows you to set the temperature in your home and set when the heater should come on, so you don’t have to run the heater all day but you also don’t have to let your home cool down to the point that you’re scrambling for heat when you get home.

Add Insulation

Perhaps you think adding insulation is a waste since our winters are so short. However, just as heat is lost out of your walls and attic during the winter, it enters your home through the walls and attic during the summer. Therefore, good insulation is something you want all year long.

Using Ceiling Fans

Many homeowners actually do not realize that ceiling fans have a switch on them that allows them to run them in reverse. What’s the benefit of this? It allows warm air to be pushed downward, which means your ceiling fans can assist your heater, allowing it to do its job more effectively—and in turn, more efficiently.

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