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Should Your Furnace Be Making Weird Noises?

woman-has-questionAny appliance you install in your home that has mechanical parts will make a bit of a noise when it’s running. When it comes to your furnace, there is a slight humming sound that seems so sweet to the ears, especially when you are in your warm clothes, knowing that the furnace is keeping you cozy. If it wasn’t running properly, you would be feeling so uncomfortable.

However, if it starts making strange noises, you might have a problem on your hands. If you’ve heard odd noises and you’re not sure whether you need to schedule our services for furnace repair in New Braunfels, TX, we can help you.

We will talk about the noises coming from your furnace and why you need to immediately call professionals to deal with the problem.

Strange Noises Coming From Your Furnace

Here are some of the strange noises that you might hear from your furnace if it requires repairs.

1.     Whistling noises

Furnaces making a whistling noise is a sign of a major problem. It is possible that there is something interfering with the airflow of your furnace. Whether it is due to a leak in the ductwork, blocked return vents, or a vent that’s closed, you should never ignore a whistling noise.

2.     Banging noises

Have you ever noticed any bang noises when your furnace is turning on? A banging noise on startup is a sign that your furnace’s igniter has a problem. The thermostat sends a signal to the ignition system to turn on the gas valve so it can heat the air. The pilot light should light the gas as the valve turns on. However, problems with the ignition system could lead to gas collecting in the combustion chamber, creating a loud bang.

3.     Clanking noises

If you ever hear clanking noises coming through the vents when your furnace is running, it shows that there’s a problem with the blower fan. This mechanical part of your furnace could have become misaligned, and it is colliding with other parts of the furnace or the walls of its housing unit. Not addressing the problem immediately could lead to expensive repairs.

4.     Rumbling sounds

Whenever your furnace completes a cycle, you can hear a nice whoosh or roaring sound. However, if that sound ever turns into a rumbling noise, there could be several things wrong with your furnace. You should turn off your furnace and immediately call a professional for repairs.

Call Professionals Immediately for Furnace Repairs

If you ever hear strange noises from your furnace like the ones we’ve described, you should not waste any time in calling professionals to help. Addressing the problems on time can help you save money, keep yourself safe, and make sure your home remains comfortable and warm throughout the winter.

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