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Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Furnace?

sick-furnaceBuying a new furnace to replace your old unit is not an easy decision. You might be using the same furnace you inherited when you moved into the house. These things are built to last a long time. However, there does come a time when you need to say goodby to your old furnace and replace it with a modern model that works better.

We are an HVAC company in San Antonio that specializes in all things HVAC-related. From new installations to repairs and replacements, we’re the pros to trust. If you’re unsure about whether you should repair the old unit or replace it with a brand new model, we can help.

Signs that It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Old Furnace

Here are some of the signs that it might be time to say goodbye to your old furnace. If you notice these signs, don’t hesitate to contact us about finding you a viable replacement.

Your furnace requires frequent repairs

A major sign that you need to buy a new furnace is that your old unit has started breaking down too often. You might find yourself calling the technician to come and fix the furnace frequently. As the furnace nears the end of its life, it requires more frequent repairs. The cost of repairs also keeps increasing because every component is old and prone to damage.

There’s a significant increase in heating bills

Another sign that you need to get a new model is that your heating bills might be increasing. If you feel that the heating bills are increasing too much despite normal use, your furnace may have lost efficiency. If your furnace is a decade old, it could have a few more years left in it. However, it will not be as efficient as it used to be, and it will keep driving your energy bills higher. It would be more cost-effective to replace it with a modern unit that is more energy-efficient.

Your heater isn’t doing its job

The most obvious sign that you need to say goodbye to your old furnace and buy a new model is that it is simply not heating the house anymore. Sure, the blower might be working, and it could be producing some warm air. But if it is working constantly and unable to keep the indoor temperature comfortable during the winter, it could be time to find a replacement that can keep you nice and warm.

Call a Professional Today

If you have been noticing these signs and ignoring them, it might be time you stop delaying the inevitable. Instead of spending more and more money on trying to get your old furnace to work better and more reliably, it would be far better to invest in something that will save you money in the long run and keep you comfortable.

We can help you find the most suitable replacement at the right cost and install the new furnace in your home for you.

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