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Are You in the Market for a New Heater?

cold man wearing warm clothes and hugging radiatorWe are well into the throes of winter, and while it may not get as desperately frigid here as it does in other areas of the country, it’s still vital that you have an effective and efficient heating system installed in your home, and that it’s serving you well.

But what if during your last regular maintenance, the HVAC technicians suggested a replacement? Or what if you skipped maintenance and are experiencing problems with your heater?

Then it may be time to begin exploring your heating options. As tempting as it may be when you’re already shivering in your home, we do not recommend rushing out and purchasing the first heater you find within your budget. Rather, you should be strategic about your decision. For instance, if you need a new heating system and your air conditioner is on its last legs as well, then you’d do well to consider a New Braunfels, TX HVAC system that can both heat and cool your home: the ductless system.  

“Tell Me More!”

Ductless systems, which you’ll often hear referred to as ductless mini splits, are incredibly efficient. They function on heat pump technology, which plays a huge role in their heating and cooling capacities. In fact, this system is ideal for climates with hot summers and relatively mild winters—in other words, our climate! There are a number of benefits to going ductless, which include:

Year-Round Versatility

As we said, ductless systems operate on heat pump technology. This means that they can reverse their mode of operation. So during the summer, refrigerant is evaporated in the indoor components of the system, much like a conventional air conditioner, and condensed outside to release heat.

In the winter, though, refrigerant is evaporated in the outdoor coil, and condensed in the indoor unit in order to use that heat to warm the air in your home. This transfer of heat is much more efficient than the generated heat from a gas-powered furnace or similar system.

Zoned Heating (And Cooling)

If you have a ducted system now or have ever had one, then you might know about zone control heating and cooling, where the ductwork is split up into different zones by dampers placed throughout. The ductless system has this concept designed into it.

It’s comprised of a single outdoor unit which is connected to multiple air handlers with your home by a conduit with power and refrigerant needed for the handlers to run. The air handlers can be operated separately from each other, each with their own thermostats, making for greater temperature control (and again, better efficiency) throughout your home.

No Ductwork Problems

One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients who have ducted systems is dirty or breached ducts. Damaged ductwork can cause you to lose up to 30% of your conditioned air into unused portions of the house where the ductwork resides, such as in your attic or crawlspace.

Dirty ductwork can lead to indoor air quality problems, making you and your family sick. Plus, when relative humidity levels in your home rise above 50%, you run the risk of mold and mildew development in your home.

For quality HVAC services throughout the greater San Antonio area, look no further than Riteway Service Company—contact us today!

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