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Tips on Caring for Your Commercial Heater

exhaust fan on top of commercial buildingWhen you live in a state like ours, an area known for its heat, then it’s likely rare that you give much thought to your heating system, especially if you’re a business owner and we’re talking commercial HVAC. However, preparing for winter—no matter how short or mild they may be—with one very important Canyon Lake, TX HVAC service, is vital to preventing repair problems, energy waste, and shortened equipment life. This service we’re referring to is commercial heating maintenance.

No matter how big or small your business or commercial space may be, maintenance is even more important for a commercial heater than it is a residential one. Effective and efficient heating manages comfort for employees, customers, clients, tenants, and whomever else your commercial space serves. Maintenance is essential to protecting your commercial heating equipment from overheating or malfunctioning.

While homeowners need only to worry about the comfort of a few people, business owners and commercial property managers need to worry about the comfort of many. Therefore, investing in a thorough commercial maintenance plan is vital to ensuring the comfort of your space.

Sign Up for Routine Commercial Heating Maintenance

As a business owner or commercial property manager, we get it—you’re busy. You have a good deal on your place day in and day out. As such, it’s easy to let scheduling pre-season maintenance slip your mind. But if you sign up for our commercial heating maintenance program, we can reach out to you with a reminder that it’s time to give your heater a tune-up before winter gets its chilliest.

Heating maintenance, on average, takes a couple of hours for each unit. This is dependent on a few factors, like your specific space, system, and layout. This is nothing, however, compared to the massive business interruption that can occur if you skip maintenance. Our commercial HVAC technicians do a thorough check of your heating system to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Our heating maintenance tasks include:

  • Lubricating and checking the amp draw of the condenser fan and blower motors to maintain maximum component lifespan.
  • Checking the thermostat for maximum comfort control.
  • Inspecting the heat exchangers to make sure the heater is operating safely, and efficiently.
  • Testing registers for carbon monoxide and other potentially dangerous gases.
  • Cleaning and adjusting burners for optimal fuel efficiency.
  • Inspecting, cleaning, and checking the pilot light for proper operation of ignition system.
  • Checking the fan/limit control for proper and safe operation.
  • Checking all hoses, pipes, and connections for leaks.
  • Changing or cleaning filters for maximum airflow.

While our technicians are performing your commercial heating maintenance, if they come across any repair needs, they will let you know ASAP so that you can schedule them at your earliest convenience. This way you can fend off any problems that might worsen over time and reduce the risk of facing an emergency and subsequent business interruption. With maintenance, your business or commercial property can enjoy a longer heating system lifespan, more efficient heat, and the peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about the heating system failing when you need it the most.

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