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Leading Benefits of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier Installation

dehumidifier-benefitsIt’s no secret that Texas suffers from high temperatures just about year round, but especially in the summer, in addition to uncomfortably high levels of humidity. Most homes use centralized AC systems to regulate their home temperature, but that doesn’t do much to reduce the level of moisture present in the home.

An Alamo Heights, TX dehumidifier installation will help with this by removing excess humidity from your indoor air, benefiting both your level of comfort as well as your air conditioning system. Keep reading to learn more about how these systems work and the specific advantages they offer.

Why Is High Humidity Such an Issue?

People stay cool naturally by sweating. Sweat evaporates off of our skin and lowers our body temperature as a result. Whenever relative humidity levels rise above about 50% though, the amount of ambient moisture in the air prevents us from sweating.

As a result, you’ll probably feel pretty clammy and uncomfortable, as you won’t be able to cool off—making the air feel even hotter than it actually is. This also puts a great deal of strain on your cooling system, since you are probably cranking it pretty hard to try to make up for the difference in temperature.

High moisture levels also encourage the growth of mold and bacteria in the home, and leads to a stale, stagnant feeling in the air.

The Dehumidifier Resolution

A whole-house dehumidifier works in a similar fashion to an air conditioner, as lowering the temperature of the air is the best way to remove moisture from it—as the air cools, ambient moisture coalesces into liquid form and is then removed from the air as droplets (similar to dew that you see in the early morning hours).

So yes, by default, your air conditioner works as a dehumidifier, but not nearly to the effectiveness or efficiency of a system specifically designed to remove moisture from the air. Plus, a whole-house dehumidifier does need to vent hot air like an air conditioner does, and it has a much larger condensate collection and drain system. Dehumidifiers can also be adjusted so you can set humidity levels to your preference—something you cannot accomplish with a standard cooling system.

What Are the Leading Benefits?

We mentioned above that a dehumidifier can help you feel more comfortable, but this certainly isn’t the only benefit.

  • Save Money: When your home is less humid, your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard to get the temperature down. This improves its efficiency, and your energy bills, as a result.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: A whole-house dehumidifier helps improve your indoor air quality by preventing the development of mold, mildew, and other organic compounds that can infiltrate your home when too much moisture is present.
  • Achieve Optimal Comfort Without Breaking Your Budget: When professionally installed, a dehumidifier is a very beneficial, easy, and versatile addition to your home. The system can be integrated directly into your ductwork so you won’t even know it’s there. The comfort and energy savings you’ll see as a result are absolutely worth it.

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