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The Effect of Damaged Ducts on Your AC System

Male hands setting up ventilation system indoorsConsidering where we live, chances are that you think a lot about your air conditioner. Naturally, you want it to function as effectively and efficiently as possible. What most homeowners don’t think about in this regard is the “V” part of HVAC—their ventilation, which connects the air conditioner to the outside and makes the distribution of cooled air possible. This ventilation system, known as your ductwork, is usually out of sight for the most part—hidden behind walls, in your attic and crawlspace, and even maybe beneath flooring.

Unfortunately, if this ductwork was installed by an inexperienced technician, or if you did it as a “DIY” project without the right training and expertise, or if your ductwork is getting older, there’s a fair chance that it’s accumulated damage over the years. And if your ductwork is affected by leaks, any poor connections, or improper construction, then you may be experiencing problems that lead to poor HVAC efficiency and soon enough, San Antonio duct repair needs. One of the most common issues that lead to ductwork damage is the fact that those ducts weren’t properly sized upon installation.

Why Poorly Sized Ducts Are a Problem

If your air ducts are not sized properly, then you’ll probably notice it soon after a new cooling system is installed, since it will likely make noise from the restriction or blockage of airflow. Unfortunately, too many homeowners hear this ominous noise and just assume they’ve bought a noisy air conditioner. This shouldn’t be the case! Especially if it’s a brand new system, as newer systems are designed to run as quietly as possible.

If your air ducts are too big, it causes a decline in airflow, which results in uneven temperatures throughout your living space, since conditioned air won’t be reaching each of your vents. Studies have shown that poor ductwork design and/or installation can lead to as much as a 60% loss in cooling and heating efficiency.

This is a strain on your wallet, for one. It’s also bad news for your air conditioner, since the system will struggle to reach the temperature you’ve set it at. As a result, the system will start to degrade and age rapidly. This means more repairs will be needed for components like the motors, fan belts, and compressors. You may even find yourself facing a premature replacement for your HVAC system.

Other Kinds of Ventilation Problems

Whether your ductwork wasn’t sized correctly, or they have bad connections, poorly installed air ducts may not be connected the right way. Therefore, you’ll experience air leaks. You will notice a decline in cooling power for your air conditioner as a result, in addition to a drop in heating power from your heater when winter rolls back around.

Another issue that any aging ductwork might run into, no matter how well it was installed, is damage from attic heat. Ducts can wear down, accumulating pinhole leaks that need to be professionally sealed.

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