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Are UV Air Purifiers All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

uv light on blue backgroundNo matter the time of year, the air outdoors is filled with allergens of various forms, in addition to mold and bacteria spores which, over time, can make your life pretty miserable. Allergens and germs cause problems for even the healthiest people, but particularly infants and the elderly, to can be more susceptible to colds and other illnesses. Unfortunately, you can’t keep your home completely safe from germs and bacteria simply by closing your doors and windows. There are, however, other methods you can use to stop these microscopic intruders from invading.

We’re talking about the installation of the right kind of Alamo Heights, TX indoor air quality product: the UV air purifier. This product is perfect for any household worried about biological contaminants such as germs and mold spores, and will help cut down on allergens too.

But how do they work? Are they safe? What benefits do they provide? Keep reading to learn more.

Your Weapon Against Germs

UV (ultraviolet) light exists beyond our eye’s ability to perceive, however we certainly spot the impact it has. Most obviously, it appears in sunlight, allowing us to tan or burn if we spend too much time outdoors—which could lead you to wonder if UV lights in your home are safe.

UV light bulbs used in these purifiers use much smaller levels of the light, and you’ve probably seen them before being used to make white clothes glow in the dark on amusement park rides or at concerts. These types of lights are harmless to multi-cellular organisms, such as us and our pets.

Against germs and other biological microorganisms, UV lights are lethal. A UV air purifier will either kill this bacteria outright or render them unable to replicate and spread—making this appliance a potent weapon in helping to keep your indoor air clean. But how does it work?

The Importance of Proper Placement

Of course, it would be pretty impractical to cover your entire home in UV lights and trust they will do their job. A UV air purification system needs to be put in a spot where it can do the most good. The apex of your heating and cooling ductwork is the right spot.

As your air conditioner or furnace operates, it cycles air through your home, pushing it through the ducts at the apex. UV air purifiers shine the UV rays across the width of your ducts, forming a barrier through which germs, mold spores, and allergens pass, being rendered inert and resulting in cleaner air for your home.

Part of what makes UV air purifiers so effective is that they are always functioning. So long as the fan in your HVAC system is blowing, the air in your home will cycle through the UV air purifier, keeping the household safe from germs and other contaminants. Plus, these devices have few moving parts, meaning they can effectively do their job all year round and require little maintenance other than periodically changing burnt-out bulbs.

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