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Why Should You Have a Whole House Dehumidifier Installed?


Winter has officially ended! Okay, that doesn’t mean much for Texas residents—we’re typically grateful for any colder weather at all. But even though we’re used to warmer weather, spring and summer kicks it up a notch, while also adding uncomfortable humidity.

You likely—hopefully—have an efficient air conditioning system to keep you cool during the warmer months ahead. But what are you doing about excess moisture? Your cooling system isn’t enough to battle poor Boerne, TX indoor air quality. What you need in place is a whole-house dehumidifier. This will make a huge difference in your home comfort levels as well as the operation of your air conditioning system as well.

The Problem with High Humidity

You’re likely well aware of just how gross and clammy excess moisture can make you feel, but do you know the reasons behind it? The stagnant atmosphere you’re aware of in these conditions is exacerbated by the growth of mold and bacteria in the home, caused by excess moisture.

Additionally, high humidity interferes with your body’s natural ability to cool itself off. When sweat evaporates off of our skin, our body temperature goes down—but high humidity levels restrict this process. If the relative humidity level in your home is 50% or higher, then there is too much ambient moisture in the atmosphere to let sweat evaporate and to help you cool down in the summer heat.

An Air Conditioner Is Not Enough

Lowering the temperature setting of your air conditioner does dehumidify your home a bit, as it causes the vapor to shift to liquid form and coalesce into droplets, which then leave the air. However, the level of dehumidification that happens with an air conditioner is minimal at best. Without a larger drainage system to handle the condensation, your air conditioner could run into serious problems if you try using it for this purpose.

A whole-house dehumidifier, however, is designed specifically to lower and drain moisture. This system has the components to handle excess condensate, and is able to reduce the moisture in the air. With a dehumidifier, you have the ability to set the relative humidity levels in your home to something uniquely comfortable to you.

Your home will feel more comfortable, and mold and bacteria growth will be eliminated. This not only prevents the stale feeling in your air, but it also reduces your risk of illness. And last but not least, a dehumidifier eases the strain on your air conditioning system so that you can lower your monthly energy bills and reduce the risk of a premature system breakdown.

Couldn’t I Just Get a Portable System?

Sure, you can get a portable dehumidifier, but it’s not going to be able to comprehensively affect your home. It may help you to feel comfortable within the room in which the system is placed, but it cannot effectively stop the growth and development of mold, and subsequent property damage. It also cannot prevent the related health effects that come from mold, like a whole-house system can.

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