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Daniel was very professional and polite. He was thorough in his work.

- Longoria, San Antonio

Riteway Service Company - Thermostats

Thermostats in San Antonio, TX

The thermostat is an easily overlooked part of the HVAC system in a home—but it’s a part of it nonetheless, and an important part. Malfunctions with a thermostat, even a minor temperature reading miscalibration, can result in poor heating and cooling as well as needless energy waste in a house. However, you cannot tamper with a thermostat yourself (aside from adjusting its controls) and hope to fix it if it isn’t working. This job calls for specialists who can work with everything from old manual thermostats to the most advanced models.

Riteway Service Company provides thermostat services for our customers along with all our other heating and cooling work. We also carry quality new thermostats for people who want to update their HVAC system to the best in new technology. Call us in San Antonio, TX today to arrange for service, or just to discuss what we can do to improve your HVAC system’s overall performance with a new thermostat.

The experienced technicians at Riteway Service Company provide service for thermostats, including upgrades, in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why the Thermostat Matters for Your Heating and Cooling

The thermostat is the place where you interact with the heater and air conditioner responsible for providing your home with comfort. When a thermostat breaks, such as losing its connection to the fan or compressor controls in the HVAC system, it will mean discomfort in your home and trouble such as a fan that won’t turn on or won’t turn off.

But small errors with a thermostat can result in trouble as well, things which you may not immediately notice. If a thermostat is miscalibrated, it will begin to turn the heating/cooling on and off at the incorrect time. This not only affects the temperature levels in the house, it can create unnecessary strain on the HVAC system that will drain money and lead to repair needs. Keeping your thermostat in the best shape is essential for getting the most from your heater and air conditioner.

Options for Upgrading to a New Thermostat

Often, the best solution for a thermostat that isn’t allowing you to receive the best performance from your HVAC system is to replace it with a more advanced model. There are many new types of thermostats now available that are a large step up from the old manual sliders–and–dials and no–frills digital models. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, call us to arrange for installation of one. A programmable model allows you to control the temperature in your home even when you are not there or not awake.

But you can go a step beyond programmability with Wi–Fi enabled thermostats so you can access the controls remotely from anyplace you have Wi–Fi connection using a computer, phone, tablet, or other device. These thermostats also give you the ability to program your home’s temperature by day of the week and time of day. We carry all three leading brands of wireless Wi–Fi programmable thermostats: Honeywell, Nest, and Founten.

We’ll See to All Your Thermostat Needs in San Antonio

Many times, the problems that homeowners experience with their heating and cooling systems come not from the heater or the AC, but from the thermostats that operate them. Whenever you encounter issues with your HVAC system, make sure you call on our team and we’ll find out the problem: if it’s in the thermostat, we can quickly have it repaired or replaced for you. Feel free to call Riteway Service Company any time and talk to our team of experts about the choices available to you for quality thermostats in your home.