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Riteway Service Company - Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Services in San Antonio, TX

Our summers in San Antonio, TX are very hot, which means that we often keep a close eye on how to control the temperature in our homes. That means a reliable air conditioner is absolutely necessary, along with a heater for our short but cool winters. But that’s not the only factor when it comes to household comfort. You also have to factor in indoor air quality, which includes the amount of dust in the air, the presence of high or low humidity, and the general staleness that leads to bacteria and germs. Riteway Service Company has the skills and experience you need to handle all manner of indoor air quality services: providing advice on the system you need before installing, maintaining, repairing or replacing it the right way every time. Call us today and let us show you what we can do!

Trust Riteway Service Company for indoor air quality services throughout San Antonio, TX.

What Does Indoor Air Quality Mean?

In the briefest terms, it means a feeling for freshness and comfort in your San Antonio, TX home. We have our share of temperature extremes to deal with, but colds and flus can spread through your air any time of the year, and you need to watch out for them too. Molds and bacteria flourish when the humidity is high, while low humidity can dry out sinuses and leave you vulnerable to colds. Dust can make your home much less enjoyable, as well as coating components in your heater and air conditioner and increase the chances of a breakdown. Every home is unique and these issues will vary based on yours. But Riteway Service Company handles all indoor air quality issues with a wide variety of products, including the following:

Air Balancing

Air balancing is simply a means of ensuring that all aspects of your system – heater, air conditioner and vents – are working in harmony, and not at cross–purposes. It’s usually applied in commercial systems but can be used in residential settings as well: optimizing your system and ensuring that no energy is wasted.

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems usually refer to the filters themselves. Every system has at least one, but you can upgrade it with additional filters or simply with a filter that strains through smaller and finer particles. In particular, look for filters with the HEPA label, which stands for "high efficiency particulate air."

Air Purifier

Air filtration systems are essentially screens, but an air purifier goes one step further. It uses an ionization chamber to charge all dirt and dust particles that pass through it. They stick to the walls of a collection chamber, removing themselves from the flow of air. When placed at the apex of your heating and air conditioning system, they can "scrub" the air clean while your system runs.


Our summers get very muggy and when the relative humidity rises above 50%, it can make your home miserable. A whole–house dehumidifier pulls the excess moisture out of the air. Your home feels more comfortable, mold and sickness won’t spread, and it even helps your air conditioner function more effectively.

Duct Sealing

When your ducts suffer a breach – usually due to external damage or failing bolts connecting two or more parts of the ductwork – it can pull in dust and other contaminants, as well as compromising your heater and air conditioner’s ability to do their job. Duct sealing can correct that problem.


Insulation helps make your home more energy efficient, and because our winters are so mild in San Antonio, TX, most homes don’t have enough. But proper, professionally installed insulation helps your home stay cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter. It both keeps hot air out and keeps hot air in.

UV Air Purifier

UV light is harmless to us, but lethal to germs and similar creepy crawlies. A UV air purifier is simply a UV light placed at the apex of your ducts will "scrub" the air clean as you run your heater or air conditioner, killing germs and bacteria as they circulate through your home and improving the indoor air quality in the process.

Riteway Service Company Handles all Aspects of Indoor Air Quality Control

Here in San Antonio, TX, you have experts on your side with the pros at Riteway Service Company. Not only do we install the right indoor air quality control system for your home, but we can come back on an annual basis to perform maintenance on it, and when it breaks down, we can be there in a flash to perform repairs. If you need upgrades or new components added, we can make sure that happens without your system working at cross purposes, and if you need to replace a worn out system, then Riteway Service Company has the skills to do so the right way. Contact us today to get the process started!

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