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Serving San Antonio and the surrounding area since 1993


I've been calling Riteway to service all our a/c units for over 15 years.

- Jolene D.

Riteway Service Company - Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing Services in San Antonio, TX

Chances are that your heating and air conditioning system relies on a series of ducts to carry the conditioned air through your San Antonio, TX home. The ducts are hidden in your crawlspaces and out-of-the-way spots, which can make it very difficult to discover problems when they arise. But duct breaches can have a devastating impact on your heating and air conditioning system: raising the cost of keeping your home comfortable and elevating the chances of a serious breakdown.

The solution is duct sealing by Riteway Service Company. We have years of experience in detecting and fixes breaches in your ducts, restoring the efficiency of your system, and keeping your heater or air conditioner running at maximum efficiency. If you suspect there’s a breach in your ducts, call us today and set up a duct sealing session. You’ll be glad you did!

Call Riteway Service Company today for high quality duct sealing services in San Antonio, TX.

Duct Breaches Create Problems

The causes of duct breaches are numerous, but usually boil down to damage to the ducts themselves. Inclement weather, accidents involving other components in your home, even wild animals who get into the crawlspace: all of them can create holes in your ducts. Duct breaches can also occur when the seals between two pieces of ductwork become worn out or damaged. When that happens, the conditioned air in your ducts is pulled out, or unconditioned air is sucked in, reducing the effectiveness of your heater or air conditioner, and forcing them to work harder to condition your San Antonio, TX home. Duct sealing can fix all of that.

Professional Detection Is Critical

It can be hard to spot a breach in your ducts if the ducts are hidden away in your crawlspace or attic. The best indication that something is amiss is a higher–than–expected energy bill, especially if you haven’t used your system any more than normal. Other ways to spot a breach include listening for noises such as hums or groans coming from the spots where you know your ducts can be found, or feeling the air in your vents and noting if the flow is lower than normal (or hotter or cooler than the other ducts). The moment you suspect a problem, turn your entire system off and call the pros at Riteway Service Company to help. We handle duct sealing services all over San Antonio, TX.

Trust Riteway Service Company to Perform Quality Duct Sealing Services

At Riteway Service Company, our trained staff has the know–how to spot and seal duct breaches in your San Antonio, TX home. We use the latest equipment to pinpoint the spot of the breach, then prepare the right response to get it fixed. Whether that involves the application of duct mastic, or simply replacing a worn bolt with a newer and sturdier one, you can rest easy knowing that the operation will be performed by top notch professionals who care about the services they render. We do the job right the first time, every time, so contact us today!

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