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Serving San Antonio and the surrounding area since 1993

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Daniel was very professional and polite. He was thorough in his work.

- Longoria, San Antonio

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Canyon Lake TX Air Conditioning & Heating Services

When you’re in need of speedy repairs for a faulty air conditioning system in your home on a sweltering hot day you should never entrust the work to simply anyone (especially not yourself!). The expert Canyon Lake TX HVAC service technicians at Riteway Service Company can handle any problem thrown your way. We provide comprehensive service for both heating and air conditioning systems in the area, and we have more than 20 years of experience backing us up. We provide HVAC service for homes AND for businesses, and our technicians can take care of any job – no matter the size.

Call Riteway Service Company today to schedule service with the HVAC Contractor Canyon Lake TX residents trust!

Your Canyon Lake TX Air Conditioning Experts

You simply can’t get along during the year in Canyon Lake, TX without a reliable and effective residential air conditioning system installed in your home. If you’re currently looking for a new AC installation or replacement, call the team at Riteway Service Company and we will find the exact right system for your needs, including heat pumps and ductless air systems. We are also ready with stocked vans to come to your assistance when it’s time for repairs or a maintenance visit for your cooling system.

We Install and Service Central Air Conditioner Systems

Central air conditioners are complex devices, and you cannot attempt to install or service one on your own, nor should you hand these jobs over to inexperienced amateurs. Make sure that the work gets done right, and gets done right the first time, and call on our trained HVAC technicians. You deserve to have the best residential central cooling system for your household, and we aim to deliver it for you.

Upgrades, Installations, and Repairs for Thermostats

Although a thermostat is a small, unobtrusive device in your house, it’s a very vital part of the HVAC system. You won’t have adequate or energy–efficient heating and cooling unless you have a working thermostat to control it. We offer repairs for malfunctioning units, and we can also upgrade your thermostats to high–technology new models that will help you make the most of your AC and heater.

AC Services Offered:

Heating Canyon Lake TX Since 1993

Colds days do come along during the winter in Canyon Lake, TX. Is your home prepared? Riteway Service Company can help make sure that it is. We provide the same level of quality comfort service for residential heating systems as we do for residential air conditioning systems, and we work with a variety of models and types. You can rely on us to install a new gas or electric furnace, repair your heat pump, or maintain whatever system you have so that it works its best each winter.

Gas Furnace and Electric Furnace Services Done Right

You most likely have a furnace of some type to warm up your house when the thermometer drops outside. We work with both electric and natural gas furnace models, so you can always rely on us no matter what you need for quality home heating. Our technicians have the training to see that you have the best new installation, targeted repairs, or system installation–whatever it is you need.

Other Heating Systems We Service:

We Are Indoor Air Quality Specialists

One of the unfortunate facts about modern homes is that they easily trap dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants inside them because of their effective insulation seal. You don’t have to live with these airborne pollutants however, not when you can call Riteway Service Company and schedule indoor air quality services with us. We can provide you with many different solutions to your air quality issues, such as installing a UV air purifier or putting in a dehumidifier. We also have duct sealing services.

Are You in Need of a Whole–House Dehumidifier?

A humid day in this part of Texas can be very unpleasant. Although you can’t change anything about that when you’re inside, you can do something about it when you’re inside: have us install a whole–house dehumidifier. This will balance your humidity, which will not only increase comfort, it will cut down on the amount you need to use your AC. Call us for more details.

Service for Air Purifier and Air Filtration Systems

The most common way to remove pollutants moving through the air of a home is with an air filtration system. However, you will need IAQ experts to find the right type to match your home’s HVAC system–and we’ll take care of that! To stop smaller contaminants, such as gas and odor molecules, we can pair the filters with an electronic air purifier.

We Offer Commercial HVAC Services in Canyon Lake, TX

Our technicians at Riteway Service Company are also skilled with providing installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance for commercial HVAC systems. No job is too large or too small: we’ll help you install an air conditioning system for a new location, or handle a fast fix to a malfunctioning heater. We know how important your business is to you, and how much it depends on the comfort of your employees and/or clientele, and we will strive to see that we meet your high standards.

Call Us When You Need Service for a Commercial Air Conditioner

On the hottest day of the year, the last thing you want to happen at your business is a failed air conditioning system. We provide the commercial HVAC services necessary to fix that AC, as well as maintenance services that will help prevent future problems. And if you’re looking for a new installation or a replacement, we will handle that as well.