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Residential and Commercial HVAC Services in Fair Oaks, TX

We have wild weather here in Fair Oaks, TX. Your home shouldn’t be subject to the ravages of Mother Nature, but should provide a comfortable haven no matter how hot or cold it might be outside. That goes double for commercial buildings in the area, which need to provide reliable heating and air conditioning for employees and customers. At Riteway Service Company, we have the skills and know how to handle your issue, whether you’re a homeowner looking for repairs or a business owner who needs their commercial HVAC system replaced. Trust us to get the job done every time. We won’t let you down!

Look to Riteway Service Company for professional residential and commercial HVAC services in Fair Oaks, TX.

Don’t Be Caught Flat–Footed without Air Conditioning Repair

Summers in Fair Oaks, TX are almost beyond belief, with high temperatures and staggering humidity levels combining to turn your home or office into an oven. The last thing you need is for your air conditioner to suddenly conk out on you. In a commercial environment, it can cost you business and productivity, while in a residence it can be actively dangerous. You can combat this by scheduling regular maintenance sessions with Riteway Service Company, then calling us promptly on the few occasions when your system breaks down!

Efficiency Counts with a Central Air Conditioner

A residential central air conditioning system needs to be as efficient as possible when you install it, in order to save you money on monthly bills and reduce the strain that leads to repairs. The solution is to install a system with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating than the system you’re currently using. Assuming you use it the same amount as your old one, you’ll definitely see monthly savings!

Thermostats Can Be Affected by Poor Placement

If your residential thermostat is malfunctioning, it may have more to do with the placement in your home than a specific issue with the thermostat itself. Cold spots, breezeways and undue sunlight exposure can cause it to misread the temperature, turning on and off when you don’t need it to and subjecting your HVAC system to undue strain. A professional technician can fix the problem simply by moving the thermostat to another spot.

Signs that You Need Heating Repair

Our winters in Fair Oaks, TX are cold enough so that a heating breakdown can be absolutely devastating. You can prevent that by watching for signs that your residential heater is running into problems. They can include anything that you don’t associate with its normal functioning: strange noises, a reduced airflow from one or more vents, lowered amounts of heating, or higher than expected monthly bills among others. When you notice them, shut the system down immediately, and call the pros at Riteway Service Company for fast and efficient repair!

Gas Furnaces Need to Stay Safe

Gas furnaces are a reliable means of heating and cooling, and safety measures put in place will help prevent gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning and other concerns. The bad news is that such measures will usually shut your system down: keeping your home safe, but leaving you unable to heat it until the problem is fixed. Call Riteway Service Company to get the issue resolved!

Electric Furnaces Draw on Your Power Grid

Electric furnaces can come as a huge relief to residents who don’t have access to a local civic gas line. It taps into the power grid of your house to provide electricity. When trouble arises, it can involve the electrical connections as well as the system itself. Call in a repair service that can handle the issue the right way!

Indoor Air Quality Improves HVAC Performance

A high–quality residential indoor air quality product can do wonders for your household comfort levels, and can be vital when establishing a comfortable environment for your commercial space. But it does more than that. Here in Fair Oaks, TX, our high humidity and periodic dust problems can drastically impact your heating and air conditioning performance. An indoor air quality product can help remove that strain, allowing your system to perform more efficiently and reducing the possibility of repairs. Give Riteway Service Company a call today and let us show you how!

Dehumidifiers Are Lifesavers in the Summer

Ohio weather in the summer is far too muggy to rely on air conditioning alone. Air conditioners can reduce some of the humidity in your home by default, but they’re not set up for that, and the added strain could lead to more serious problems. A whole–house dehumidifier can solve those problems the right way.

Air Purifiers Do What Simple Filters Can’t

Filters for your HVAC system are a necessity, but they aren’t always sufficient to get rid of all the dust in your household air. An electronic air purifiers is much more comprehensive and can result in marked improvements in your indoor air quality. We specialize in the installation and repair of electronic air purifiers, so give our team a call today!

Air Filtration Systems Play a Key Role in Household Comfort

An air filtration system, which screens out dust, germs and other contaminants, can play an important role in your household comfort, as well as reducing instances of illness and preventing your HVAC system from being coated by dust (which hinders its effectiveness). Every home is different, which is why you need expert advice when deciding which system is right for you!

Look for Modular Commercial HVAC Systems

Here in Fair Oaks, TX, a commercial HVAC system needs to do its job unobtrusively. That’s why many of them adopt a modular model, with multiple units placed on top of your roof. The location frees up vital space within the building, and the modular system means you can add and subtract units as the need arises, while redistributing the workload to keep you comfortable if one or more units breaks down. Riteway Service Company can fill you in on all the details, so call us today!

Commercial Air Conditioner Replacement Should Improve Your Bottom Line

When the time comes to replace your commercial air conditioner with a new one, make sure you’re taking a step up. Air conditioning systems undergo technological advancement like any other product, and if you’ve had your existing system for some time you may be surprised to learn your options. Look for a trained expert to guide you through the process!