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Residential and Commercial HVAC Services in Helotes, TX

Every community contains a mixture of residential and commercial buildings. Each one faces the same heating and cooling issues, especially here in Helotes, TX, with our stifling hot summer and reasonably cool winters. But each one has to handle the issue differently. Residences use less space than commercial businesses, and often have fewer specific needs from their HVAC system. That means you need a service that can handle the specific needs of both residential and commercial HVAC services. Riteway Service Company has the skills and experience to handle any kind of HVAC situation, whether you’re a homeowner, or operate a business. Contact our trained experts today and let us show you what we can do!

Check Riteway Service Company for top–notch residential and commercial HVAC services in Helotes, TX.

Our Air Conditioning Services Cover Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Here in Helotes, TX, our summers are as brutal as they come, marked not only by high temperatures, but by stifling humidity levels as well. In order to combat them effectively, you need an air conditioning service that does more than just perform installation. Riteway Service Company handles repair and maintenance calls once your system is set up and will replace it once it has worn out (hopefully many years from now). You need comprehensive services in our environment, and we’re just the team to provide it.

Look for a Quality Central Air Conditioner Provider

Most homes in our area use a central air conditioning system, which generates cool air in one locale, then pumps it into your home via a system of ducts. Your air conditioning service needs to be able to handle problems in every part of that system, including the ducts. Trust a team that has the right combination of experience and knowledge to do the job right.

The Thermostat Is Your Control System

We often take thermostats for granted in Helotes, TX, because they’re often so reliable and rarely need repairs. But the thermostat is the most deceptively important component to your air conditioning system since it controls the entire thing. If your thermostat runs into problems or is vulnerable to things like sunlight or excess breeze, call us to make it right!

Heating Systems Make Winter More Comfortable

Heating systems here in Helotes, TX adopt a wide variety of formats, from forced–air furnaces to boilers and heat pumps. Whichever one you use in your home, however, it needs to operate as expected when expected. That means not only a quality installation, but regular maintenance at the beginning and end of heating season, and efficient repair calls to keep any problems from getting out of hand. Riteway Service Company can take care of all of those issues, so contact us today!

Watch for Inefficiency in Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are a staple of heating systems in this part of the country, and as such, people tend to overlook problems with them when they arise. A lack of heating efficiency – caused by clogged burners, a malfunctioning fan motor or any other issues– may not initially seem like a problem, but can result in higher bills and eventual repair.

Electric Furnaces Have Unique Repair Needs

An electric furnace does the same job as a gas furnace – providing heat for your home – only it does so with heated electric coils rather than gas. That can be incredibly useful for people without access to civic gas lines, but it requires special skills to repair and maintain. Always trust a service with experience dealing with electric heaters.

Don’t Let Indoor Air Quality Slide

In many ways, indoor air quality is just as important as temperature control when it comes to keeping your Helotes, TX home or commercial property comfortable. This is most true in the summers, when high humidity needs a firm response, but it can also extend to dust, pollen and germs in the air. Riteway Service Company offers a variety of indoor air quality products to address those issues, tailored for both residential homes and commercial businesses. Give us a call today to discuss your options!

Dehumidifiers Improve Health

High humidity levels create all sorts of issues around here in the summertime, not the least of which is fostering the growth of bacteria and molds in your home. This can lead to increase health risks and similar issues, as well as contributing to that stale, clammy feeling you often experience in the height of summer. A whole–house dehumidifier can help to improve your health on that front!

Air Purifiers Ionize Dust

Ionization is the name of the game when it comes to air purifiers. These ingenious devices ionize the dust as it passes through their system during the normal functioning of your air conditioner or heater. That causes the dust to stick to the sides of collection plan, clearing the air and improving your household’s indoor air quality as a result.

Use HEPA Filters for Air Filtration Systems

HEPA stands for high–efficiency particulate air, which denotes a filter that is particularly fine and tough on particles in the air. According to the U.S. government, a HEPA air filter can remove up to 99.97% of all airborne particles, which means them perfect for household air filtration systems in need of a little boost. Talk to a technician about what HEPA filters can do for you!

Commercial HVAC Systems Need Prompt Service

As bad as a residential HVAC breakdown can be, a commercial breakdown can be even worse. It makes customers much less willing to enter your space, and it forces employees to operate in uncomfortable or sometimes even dangerous conditions. That comes on top of any damage to vital equipment caused by excessive heat, low temperatures or humidity issues. Don’t count on a service that just transposes residential expertise into a commercial setting. Riteway Service Company knows how to handle commercial HVAC systems the right way!

Commercial Air Conditioners Are Vital in the Summer

A good commercial air conditioner can pay huge dividend during the summer, helping your employees work more comfortably and providing a welcoming space for your customers to visit. Keeping that up means proper installation, but it also means timely repairs – sometimes after hours so it doesn’t impact your operations. We can take care of whatever your business needs, so call on us today!