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I've been calling Riteway to service all our a/c units for over 15 years.

- Jolene D.

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Universal City TX Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Universal City TX air conditioning services are important, but heating systems are just as important considering we get hit with just about every temperature extreme you can think of. And if you’re like most residents and business owners here, you rarely have the time or energy to handle a breakdown or similar serious issue, regardless of whether you’re dealing with household issues or you run a business with commercial space that needs to be comfortable. But with a strong partner like Riteway Service Company at your side, you can leave the worrying to us.

Call Riteway Service Company today or schedule service online for outstanding HVAC services University City TX homeowners and bussines owners have relied on since 1993!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps Prevent Repairs

With our stifling Texas heat, you need a Universal City TX air conditioning repair service that moves quickly when problems are detected. But better than responding to an existing problem is preventing that problem in the first place. That’s why Riteway Service Company offers full maintenance services on your air conditioning system, at the beginning and the end of cooling season. We can spot potential repair issues before they become a problem, as well as helping your system function at its very best!

Look for Low Air Flow in Your Central Air Conditioner

One of the biggest signs of a problem with your residential central air conditioner is low air flow, which can be caused by a faulty fan motor, a clog in your system, or a filter that needs replacing. It may not sound like much, but it can have a serve impact on your air conditioner’s effectiveness, increasing strain and the likelihood or a bigger breakdown in the near future.

Look into Upgrades for Your Thermostat

Thermostats are designed to last a long time, which means you may have had yours for decades. If you have, you might want to consider an upgrade: not because your existing thermostat is done, but because the new features may be well worth the added costs. Smart programming and control via remote apps are just a few of the options you can explore. Call Riteway Service Company for more today!

Trust the Right Name for Heating Installation

Poor residential heating installation can cost you a great deal, and not just in terms of reliable warm air. When bolts are loose or parts not installed properly, it can leach energy away from your system, forcing it to work harder to do its job. Not only does that mean paying higher bills than you should, but it can lead to repairs much faster than you’d like. Don’t trust some fly–by–night company when you can have the best that Universal City, TX has to offer: Riteway Service Company, ready to do the job the right way every time!

Gas Furnaces Benefit from Regular Maintenance

Your gas furnace can be your best friend when the weather gets cold, but it can’t do its job nearly as well without regular maintenance from a trained technician. By cleaning off the dust, tightening loose bolts, unclogging burners and similar little steps, the technician can help your system perform without using quite so much fuel, which helps your bottom line with monthly bills. He or she can also hold off potential repairs and extend the system’s life to boot!

Electric Furnaces Need Quality Maintenance

Electric furnaces tend to have fewer moving parts than gas furnaces, but they can still run into trouble and they still do better with regular maintenance sessions. Maintenance on an electric furnace tends to focus on electrical connects, faulty wiring, and the like, though it also involves cleaning off the dust and performing other little steps to prevent a larger breakdown.

Use Indoor Air Quality Products to Lower Dust and Humidity

If you have any sensitive members of your household – infants, the elderly or anyone suffering from conditions such as asthma – then it behooves you to look into a reliable indoor air quality product to reduce the dust and contamination in your air. The same holds true if your Universal City, TX home has a hard time with high humidity in the summer, leading to clammy skin and a plethora of health issues. Riteway Service Company can help you select a good dehumidifier for your home, then install and repair it with pride!

Dehumidifier Systems Help Your Air Conditioner

When humidity levels rise, the sweat won’t evaporate off your skin, which is our body’s main way of keeping cool. As a result, your air conditioner will be put under additional strain to compensate, which can result in higher bills and even a breakdown if you’re not careful. A whole–house dehumidifier can take care of that issue properly!

Air Purifiers Need Cleaning and Repairs

A regular cleaning of your indoor air purifier is highly recommended, since it will gather dust as part of its functioning, and that dust will need to be removed on a regular basis. When repairs take place, you should move quickly on them, before the missed duct begins to coat the components in your home’s heater and air conditioning system as well!

Air Filtration Systems Need Proper Installation

If you feel that a new air filtration system is right for you. Make sure you have the right technician on hand to install it. This means more than just popping it into place. It means evaluating your specific needs and the make–up for your HVAC system before starting work, then performing the installation with all of that in mind.

Know When to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

Replacing a commercial HVAC system is a big undertaking, and as such you need to know when you need it, or if a repair or similar undertaking is a better option. In brief terms, you need to gauge whether its continued operation is costing you more – in higher monthly bills, repair costs or lost revenue created by a space that isn’t as comfortable as it could be – than the cost of replacement is worth. In Universal City, TX, you can count on the experts at Riteway Service Company to provide expert advice on replacement!

Commercial Air Conditioners Should Be Evaluated Every Fall

If your space uses an older commercial air conditioning system, you may be angling for it to be replaced before too much longer. When that day comes, wait for the fall if you can. That gives the technician plenty of time to schedule a replacement session before you have need of it again. It minimizes disruption to your business while still ensuring you have effective air conditioning next spring!3